During its annual congres of Feb. 21st, 2015 in Rome, Italy, the FIRS (Fédération Internationale de Roller Sports) announced the launching of its new federal identity (including its new logo). A new step has been made on May 29th, 2015 with the launching of the new federal website (rollersports.org)...

The FIRS reveals quite a graphic website, more modern than the previous one. Thematic content has replaced the skating disciplines in the header.

In the disciplines menu, the distinction is made between aggressive skating (street, ramp, bowl) and freestyle skating (slalom). Let's also note the arrival of roller derby, a booming discipline all over the world (except for Italy, yet the headquarters of the FIRS).

The body of the page leaves room for visuals, with very little text, and social medias (Instagram and Twitter) are highlighted.

Follow this link to discover the new website of the FIRS