FIRS and FISE formalised a decisive partnership in the history of Roller Freestyle. As part of its dynamic policy, the Fédération Internationale de Roller Sport is working on the integration of freestyle roller among the nine disciplines that it already manages.

This is a big move for Freestyle Roller as it will bring the discipline to the forthcoming World Roller Games, besides Speed Roller, Skateboarding and Roller Freestyle. In this respect, it has been decided that one stage of the FISE World Series will stage the official FIRS Roller Freestyle World Championship, which will qualify the best riders for the World Roller Games. Moreover, Hurricane Action Sport shall be the referent of FIRS for the organisation of the World Roller Games, as far as Skateboarding and Freestyle Roller contests are concerned. It is an amazing opportunity for us to showcase Freestyle Roller to a wide audience. 

  • Freestyle Roller belongs to new generations; it comes from the street and requires deep physical and mental involvement. It brings out spectacular performances, which satisfy the need for entertainment.
  • Judging criteria is easy to understand; they are based on originality, style, and difficulty of the tricks.
  • Equipment is easy to set up, remove, and does not require a large area.

Speaking about the partnership, the Président of FIRS, Aracu Sabatino, says;

-"Among our nine disciplines we have two actions to handle. Skateboarding and roller freestyle. As President I have to consider the new disciplines that we have the challenge and pleasure to develop.
For our sport are the sports of the new generation. One example is the inclusion of the new freestyle discipline in the last edition of the Winter Olympic Games, that was the most viewed sport in Sochi. The future is now and we prepare the future in the goal of the Olympics. We identify FISE as one of the worldwide big actors in action sports, especially in roller freestyle where they have a huge support and following from all the community. I watched yesterday the roller slopestyle final on the FISE webcast here from Dubai and what it showed was riders again pushing their limits in front of thousands of spectators, and millions of people watching them on TV and internet. This is again a huge promotion of roller sport through this unique event. Now FISE is expanding globally, especially in Asia where the roller sport community is very strong. Chengdu is one of the legs of the FISE World Series and is often referred to as the world capital of roller sport. There is a reason why I am proud to officially announce today that we engage with FISE. Indeed FISE will organise in 2016, the first ever roller freestyle world championships in our 90 year history. A huge step for us to develop our sport and qualify the best riders for the upcoming World Roller Games that we will organise in 2017 in Barcelona, in 2019 in Nanjing and 2021 in Lina, Peru. Hurricane Action
Sport, the FISE organiser, has the abilities and the knowledge to support us with these events, as well as on our upcoming World Roller Cup, catering three urban disciplines speed, skateboarding and roller freestyle, to launch in the near future in the nicest and biggest city around the globe. Merci et vive le roller avec le FISE!"

The partnerships between Hurricane and FIRS is the expression of a deeper ambition; the integration of Roller Freestyle in the Olympic Games. We are confident in the success of this partnership between two skilled organisations, one who is recognised and trusted by the Olympic Committee, and the other a major leader and pioneer in the development and promotion of action sports.

About Hurricane

Hurricane is a French company based in Montpellier (France). Created in 1997, it represents 43 employees and an annual turnover of 5M€. Hurricane is specialised in the organisation of Freestyle Action Sports Events, known worldwide under the name FISE, Festival International des Sports Extrêmes. Those events gather up to 500'000 people and benefit from a deep credibility from the riders community. Hurricane also owns FISE AREA, its venture for the development and conception of skateparks. Our organisation has already organised more than 500 events, for the domestic as well as international market.