Day 1

300m senior men: the Spanish king has senior opponents

Ioseba Fernandez (Spain)Faithful to his reputation, the World Champion  Ioseba Fernandez (Spain) took the first place of the 300m time trial with a 24.581 time. He beats Darren De Souza (France) for a tenth of a second (24.607). The French skaters is a rising star of the discipline, he realized the best time of the heats. Darren nearly missed his last bend in the final. He had to stop his sprint a few meters before the line. Ioseba be careful!
The local skater Ronald Mulder took bronze (24.703) ahead of his brother Michel Mulder (24.810).

300m senior women

In the women's race, the young skater Laethisia Schimek (Germany) won the ladies 300m TT in front of her Powerslide team mate Erika Zanetti (Italy). Jana Gegner (Germany) took the third place.

300m Junior men

Simon Albrecht (Germany) dominated the competition head and shoulders with a 24.610 time ahead of Mathias Voste (25.417, Belgium) and Stefano Gili (25.669, Italy). The two French skaters Yassine Baroudi (25.900) and Alexandre Guyomard (25.917) finished off to the podium.

300m Junior ladies

The first place belongs to Daria Tiberto (27.331, Italy). Alisa Gutermuth (27.559, Germany) is second. The third place is for Anaïs Laurent (28.052, France).

15km elimination race Senior Men

The French National team is well placed at the front of the pack during the race with Alexis Contin Nolan Beddiaf and Elton De Souza. The Spanish skater Patxi Eula, the Dutch Ariens Crispijn and the German Felix Rihjnen were also very active...

Junior Women - elimination race podium

The French team is leading the pack to control the race. The Italian Fabio Francolini is well placed behind the French, waiting for the final sprint. In the last laps, Ariens Crispijn (Netherlands) attacked 4 laps before the line, a bit too soon. Alexis Contin chased with Paxti Eula in his wheel. Fabio Francolini accelerated, Alexis Contin tried to control but the Italian skater was faster in the straight lines. 

He took the first place ahead od Alexis Contin (France) and Patxi Peula (Spain).

10km elimination race Senior Women

The skater of Powerslide team Manon Kamminga (Netherlands) did her best in front of her public.

In the last laps, Manon Kamminga escaped. She crossed the line well ahead.
Behind her, Justine Halbout (France) took the best in the final sprint ahead of the German Sabine Berg.

15km elimination race Junior Men

The level was very high in the junior's race. Viktor Thorup tried to enter in the italian train without success. Some Dutch and German skaters fell during the race.

Italy did a perfect race with its three skaters on the podium. Matteo Melis, Giuseppe Cistola and Alberto Putignano did a great team race. The won the sprint ahead of Stefan Due Schmidt (Germany) and the lonely French skater Raphaël Planelles 21 seconds later.

10km elimination race Junior Women

Pos. Country Médaille d'or Médaille d'argent Médaille de bronze Total
01 ITA ITA 3 3 2 8
02 GER GER 2 1 2 5
03 FRA FRA 1 3 1 5
04 ESP ESP 1 0 1 2
05 NED NED 1 0 1 2
06 BEL BEL 0 1 1 2

Deborah Marchand (France) was the favorite of the elimination race and she has not disappointed her fans.
Well supported by Léna Labat and Marie Poidevin. Her teammates attacked one after the other to push the other nations to react. Half way to the finish line, Deborah Marchand escaped. Belgium and Dutch skaters tried to come back on the escapee without success. Deborah marchand managed to take one lap to the pack before the finish line. She took the first place in front of Giulia Lollobrigida (Italy) and Sandrine Tas (Germany).

Medals and points rankings

In the overall medals ranking at the end of the first day:

  • Italy took the first place with eight medals, including three gold
  • Germany is second with five medals, including two gold
  • France is third with 5 medals including one gold
  • In the women's ranking, Germany is ahead of Italy and France
  • In the men's ranking, Italy outperforms Spain and Germany
  • In the points ranking, France is leading in all categories

Main results

Junior A Ladies - 10km Elimination

Pos. Firstname Lastname


1 Deborah Marchand FRA 17:09,043
2 Giulia Lollobrigida ITA 17:22,449
3 Sandrine Tas BEL 17:22,479
4 Annemarie Boer NED 17:22,579
5 Lena Labat FRA 17:34,406
6 Marie Poidevin FRA  
7 Kelly Schouten NED  
8 Izaskun Barba ESP  
9 Nerea Nuno ESP  
10 Enza Floriddia ITA  
11 Amaia Faber ESP  
12 Dina Rodriquez POR  
13 Carolin Zielke GER  
14 Melissa de Boer NED  
15 Gloria Pereira POR  
16 Klára Prokopová CZH  
17 Reka Torok HUN  
18 Martina Karabova SVK  
19 Andreia Canha POR  
20 Tamara Felbinger GER  
20 Laura Brandolini ITA  

Junior A Ladies - 300m Time-trial race

Pos. Firstname Lastname Nation Time
1 Daria Tiberto ITA 27,331
2 Alisa Gutermuth GER 27,559
3 Anais Laurent FRA 28,052
4 Carolin Zielke GER 28,276
5 Ysia Clausses FRA 28,847
6 Dina Rodriquez POR 28,872
7 Lena Labat FRA 30,297
8 Klára Prokopová CHZ 31,286
9 Reka Torok HUN 31,576
10 Carlotta Simbula ITA  
11 Martina Karabova SVK 34,040(H)
12 Andreia Canha POR  
12 Gloria Pereira POR  
14 Tamara Felbinger GER  
14 Iris Fernandez ESP  

Junior A Men - 300m Time-trial race

Pos. Firstname Lastname Nation Time
1 Simon Albrecht GER 25,009
2 Mathias Voste BEL 25,566
3 Stefano Gili ITA 25,583
4 Alexandre Guyomard FRA 25,763
5 Remon Kwant NED 25,843
6 Cristian Sartorato ITA 25,968
7 Daniel Villaverde ESP 26,022
8 Raphael Planelles FRA 26,058
9 Yassine Baroudi FRA 26,280
10 Tim Kieftenburg NED 26,583
11 Mikel Hernandez ESP 26,587
12 Jesus Oliveira POR 27,238
13 Kay Schipper NED 27,291
14 Lukáš Vevera CZH 28,242
15 Michal Slotta SVK 28,937

Junior A men - 15000m Elimination 

Pos. Firstname Lastname Nation Time
1 Matteo Melis ITA 23:37,599
2 Giuseppe Cistola ITA 23:37,645
3 Alberto Putignano ITA 23:37,728
4 Stefan Due Schmidt DEN 23:37,766
5 Raphael Planelles FRA 23:58,116
6 Jordy Harink NED  
7 Mathias Voste BEL  
8 Thimo Kiesslich GER  
9 Viktor Hald Thorup DEN  
10 Mikel Hernandez ESP  
11 Clement Chaduc FRA  
12 Nikolaj Helmsoe DEN  
13 Tim Gegner GER  
14 Philipp Forstner GER  
15 Yassine Baroudi FRA  
16 Iker Garcia ESP  
17 Daniel Villaverde ESP  
18 Yoram van der Vlugt NED  
19 Lukáš Vevera CZH  
20 Jesus Oliveira POR  

Seniors Ladies - 300m Time-trial race

Pos. Firstname Lastname Nation Time
1 Laethisia Schimek GER 26,722
2 Erika Zanetti ITA 26,800
3 Jana Gegner GER 27,213
4 Desire Contenti ITA 27,254
5 Sabine Berg GER 27,501
6 Hanne Wouters BEL 27,660
7 Clemence Halbout FRA 27,785
8 Bianca Roosenboom NED 27,824
9 Saray Narvaez ESP 28,082
10 Marta Nunes POR 28,737
11 Helena Gustafsson SWE 28,914
12 Lisanne Buurman NED 28,928(H)
13 Renate Karabova SVK 29,659(H)
14 Manon Kamminga NED  
15 Sheila Posada ESP  

Senior Ladies - 10000m Elimination 

Pos. Firstname Lastname Nation Time
1 Manon Kamminga NED 16:50,461
2 Justine Halbout FRA 16:51,711
3 Sabine Berg GER 16:51,751
4 Mareike Thum GER 16:53,933
5 Elma de Vries NED 17:11,174
6 Sofia D'Annibale ITA  
7 Katharina Rumpus GER  
8 Juliette Pouydebat FRA  
9 Aleksandra Goss POL  
10 Bianca Roosenboom NED  
11 Nadja Wenger SUI  
12 Renate Karabova SVK  
13 Flurina Heim SUI  
14 Clemence Halbout FRA  
14 Rina von Burg SUI  
16 Andrea Trafeli ITA  
16 Federica Di Natale ITA  

Senior Men - 300m Time-trial race

Pos. Firstname Lastname Nation Time
1 Ioseba Fernandez ESP 24,581
2 Darren de Souza FRA 24,607
3 Ronald Mulder NED 24,703
4 Andrea Angeletti ITA 24,800
5 Michel Mulder NED 24,810
6 Nicolas Pelloquin FRA 24,905
7 Gwendal Le Pivert FRA 25,007
8 Jore van den Berghe BEL 25,088
9 Niels Provoost BEL 25,219
10 Etienne Ramali GER 25,258
11 Mark Horsten NED 25,267
12 Roman Christen SUI 25,416
13 Marcio Costa POR 25,856(H)
14 Mat?j Pravda CHZ 25,951(H)
15 Ricardo Esteves POR 26,086(H)
16 Yves Reist SUI 26,134(H)
17 Tobias Hecht GER 26,136(H)
18 Jakob Ulreich AUT 26,385(H)
19 Tristan Ulreich AUT 26,728(H)
20 Christian Kromoser AUT 27,598(H)

Senior Men - 15000m Elimination

Pos. Firstname Lastname Nation Time
1 Fabio Francolini ITA 22:42,154
2 Alexis Contin FRA 22:42,248
3 Patxi Peula ESP 22:43,872
4 Crispijn Ariens NED 22:46,498
5 Elton de Souza FRA 22:36,795
6 Nolan Beddiaf FRA  
7 Felix Rijhnen GER  
8 Geert Plender NED  
9 Maarten Swings BEL  
10 Tim Sibiet BEL  
11 Wannes van Praet BEL  
12 Martyn Dias POR  
13 Diogo Marreiros POR  
14 Jakob Ulreich AUT  
15 Ruurd Dijkstra NED  
16 Victor Wilking GER  
17 Giovanni Conte ITA  
18 Livio Wenger SUI  
19 Tobias Hecht GER  
20 Yves Reist SUI  

Elimination race - junior women


Video: Track races - Elimination Senior Men

By Alfathor
Photos : Nathalie Planelles