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jakob ulreich vs austrian federation small

Jakob Ulreich VS Austrian Federation

Par | 24 October 2021 | Catégories : Roller-skaters interviews and portraitsTags :

I will start with some small stories before European Championships, because this story goes back some years. To make it short, we had our differences between Robert Petutschnigg and I already for long time...

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Speed-skating Matériel Roller

Bont Supercell 2.0 inline frame

Testing the Bont Supercell 2.0 inline frame

Par | 26 December 2021 | Catégories : Tests and reviews of rollerskatesTags : speed skatingcarbon inline frameCarbon inline framebont carbon frameBont Supercell 2.0 inline frame

The Supercell 2.0 is the second opus of the Australian brand's carbon inline speed skating frame. We had the opportunity to try this high-end 4x110mm model for a few months. Here are our feedbacks..

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All Apprendre Roller

Rollerdance Tutorial: Downtown

Par | 24 April 2020 | Catégories : Roller-danceAllTags : downtown roller danceRollerdance TutorialChloe Cozmic Seyres

I recently ran a live workshop on Instagram on this classic rollerdance move, and I've edited the video to make a 10-minute short version of it. Here we will not only break the move down, but also take it to the next level in focusing on the rolling and fluidity, and on some rhythm and step variations.

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Aggressive skating Good addresses

Skatepark of Iquique

Spot: The Skatepark of Iquique, Chile

Par | 21 October 2016 | Catégories : Where to skateTags : skatepark iquiqueskate park iquiqueskatepark chileskate parc chileskate park chile

Always looking for skating spots, OLS takes you once more to the other side of the world, in the middle of the desert of Atacama, to visit the skatepark of Iquique, Chile...

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