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13 01, 2020

The Powerslide Free Skate Team 2020

2020-11-03T02:17:27+01:0013 January 2020|, , |0 Comments

The German brand Powerslide sponsors a significant number of skaters worldwide. Its international freestyle skating team welcomes big names in a variety of freestyle disciplines. Jürgen Pfitzner, the manager of the team, tells us about his team.

22 10, 2017

Fila Inline and Quad Skates 2017 Collections

2017-10-22T18:10:57+02:0022 October 2017|, , , , , |0 Comments

We have just added 44 new pairs of inline and quad skates to our skate database, all coming from the Fila 2017 Collections. Most skates are models renewed from the previous years, but there's also the arrival of new material, like the NRK Carbon Verso or the Houdini (men's) and the Madame Houdini. The quad skating collection is also worth having a look at, with several fun models. Check out the Fila 2017 Collections HERE

26 08, 2017

2017 World Roller Games: the rink hockey team of Angola

2017-08-26T22:08:59+02:0026 August 2017|, |0 Comments

The national team of Angola will take part in the  2017 World Roller Games 2017 in Nanjing (China). A few days ago, the team did a stop in Portugal to prepare the competition. Rink Hockey Team of Angola Francisco Veludo André Centeno Adilson Diogo Agostinho Argentino Anderson Silva Joe Viera Martin Payero Humberto Mendes Joao Pinto Estevao Dala

26 08, 2017

2017 World Roller Games: the national speed-skating team of Argentina

2017-08-26T22:08:44+02:0026 August 2017|, |0 Comments

After 3 weeks od training in Bellusco (Italy), the Argentinian speed skaters come to Nanjing (China) to participate in the 2017 World Roller Games. Senior Men Juan Cruz Araldi Ezequiel Cappellano Ken Kuwada Santiago roumec Senior Women Ro Berbel Maga Martos Tano Aylen Tuya Junior Men Giménez, Francisco Reyes Petrelli, Francisco Junior Women Cami Gaete Herrero, María Sol

20 08, 2017

World Roller Games 2017: the inline hockey pools

2017-08-20T17:08:21+02:0020 August 2017|, |0 Comments

Here are the pools which will compete at the 2017 World Roller Games in Nanking (China). The Inline Hockey competition will be held from august 27th to september 2nd for Junior Men and Women, from September 1st to september 9th for Senior Men and Women. Junior men Pool A : Australia, Iran, Taipei China, Czech Republic, USA.Pool B : Italy, India, Canada, New Zealand, Colombia.Pool C : Switzerland, Korea, Sweden, Germany.Pool D : Namibia, Great Britain, Spain, France. Junior women Australia, India, New Zealand, Taipei China, Italy. Senior men Pool A : Czech Republic, Latvia, USA, Canada.Pool B : Italy, Switzerland, Argentina, France.Pool C : Sweden, Korea, Germany, China.Pool D : Taipei China, Japan, Macau, India.Pool E : Spain, Hong Kong, Colombia,Brazil. Senior women Pool A : Italy, Korea, Australia, [...]

20 08, 2017

World Roller Games 2017: the rink hockey schedule

2017-08-20T17:08:08+02:0020 August 2017|, |0 Comments

U20 Match N° Competing teams Group   27/08/2017 08H30 1 France - Spain B World Championship 10H30 3 Argentina - Italy B World Championship 12H30 Match 1 India - USA - FIRS Cup 14H30 Match 2 Angola - Chinese Taipei - FIRS Cup 16h30 4 Chile - England A World Championship 18H30 2 Colombia - Portugal A World Championship 28/08/2017 08H30 6 Portugal - Chile A World Championship 10H30 7 Italy - France B World Championship 12H30 Match 3 USA - Angola - FIRS Cup 14H30 Match 4 Chinese Taipei - India - FIRS Cup 16h30 8 England - Colombia A World Championship 18H30 5 Spain - Argentina B World Championship 29/08/2017 08H30 9 Spain - Italy B World Championship 10H30 11 Argentina - France B World Championship 12H30 12 [...]

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