Here are the pools which will compete at the 2017 World Roller Games in Nanking (China). The Inline Hockey competition will be held from august 27th to september 2nd for Junior Men and Women, from September 1st to september 9th for Senior Men and Women.

Junior men

Pool A : Australia, Iran, Taipei China, Czech Republic, USA.
Pool B : Italy, India, Canada, New Zealand, Colombia.
Pool C : Switzerland, Korea, Sweden, Germany.
Pool D : Namibia, Great Britain, Spain, France.

Junior women

Australia, India, New Zealand, Taipei China, Italy.

Senior men

Pool A : Czech Republic, Latvia, USA, Canada.
Pool B : Italy, Switzerland, Argentina, France.
Pool C : Sweden, Korea, Germany, China.
Pool D : Taipei China, Japan, Macau, India.
Pool E : Spain, Hong Kong, Colombia,Brazil.

Senior women

Pool A : Italy, Korea, Australia, China, Canada.
Pool B : USA, Argentina, Spain, New Zealand.
Pool C : France, India, Iran, Czech Republic