World Championships in Yeosu: Second day on the track

Finish 500 m senior men - championnat du monde 2011

1000m track: the Asia/South America fight continues

Just like the previous day, South Korea and Columbia share the places on the podiums in both Mens and Womens categories.

In the Mens category, Bongju Choi (KOR) wins in front of Andres Felipe Campo Satizabal (COL) and Min Yong Park Min (KOR). The two following skaters are also South Americans. The first European, Tim Sibiet (BEL), ends up 6th.

As for the Womens, South Korea walks away with gold thanks to So Yeong Shin (KOR) and Jung Eun An (KOR). Yesina Escobar (COL) is on the third step of the podium. Only German Alisa Gutermuth managed to go through to the final in the middle of this South Americano-Asian fight.

1000 m juniors dames - championnat du monde 2011

500m track: Mens senior, the Columbian raid goes on

The first semi-final sees the South Americans take the lead. Pedro Causil (COL) wins in front of Enrique Flores (VEN) with 41.397. The second semi-final is faster, with Joey Mantia (USA), Andres Munoz (COL) and Nicolas Pelloquin (FRA). After three false starts, the Columbian leads and the French follows. The American doesn’t manage to get through.

The final gathers Pedro Causil (COL), Enrique Flores (VEN), Andrés Muñóz (COL) and Nicolas Pelloquin (FRA). A France/South America game. Andrès Munos takes the lead at the start. Venezuelan Enrique Florès is passed by French Nicolas Pelloquin who settles high on the heel of Pedro Causil, second position. Andrès Munoz ends up alone in the front, whereas Pedro Causil slows down his opponents. He takes the second place in front of Nicolas Pelloquin.

500m track: Womens senior, South American once again

In the Womens category, the first semi-final is all about South America: Jercy Puello (COL), Ingrid Factos (ECU), Sandra Buelvas (VEN) and Elizabeth Arnedo (COL). Jercy Puello (COL) clearly establishes herself and goes through to the final together with Ingrid Factos (ECU) in 46.029.

The second semi-final is less close. It is a fight between Asia and Italy. Taiwanese Fan Chihling wins in front of Korean Yi Seul An.

The final is thus made of Fan Chihling (TPE), Yi Seul An (KOR), Jercy Puello (COL) and Ingrid Factos (ECU). The Columbian Jercy Puello is the fastest, in front of another South American, Ingrid Factos (ECU) and Taiwanese Fan Chihling.

10 km à points et à élimination juniors dames sur piste

Womens Junior 10km Point and elimination race: Imperial South Korea

The Womens Junior 10.000m is quickly set and done by the Koreans, Columbians, Taiwanese and Italians. Ga Ram Yu (KOR) and So Yeong Lee (KOR) go to get the first points. Only Columbian Nathalia Giraldo seems to be able to stand up to them.

11 laps before the end, Korean So Yeong Lee launches a violent attack which splits the pack in two… but 4 laps before the finish, Korean Ga Ram Yu goes for a sprint and flies to the victory with 18 points in her purse. Her compatriot So Yeong Lee (KOR) takes hold of the bronze medal with 13 points and Columbian Nathalia Giraldo (COL) get the silver medal with 16 points.

Mens Junior 10km Point and elimination race: the USA play scarecrows

Once again, the South Americans and the Asians set fire to the race. The Koreans, Columbians and Taiwanese hold the reins. The two Koreans Rae Jung Hong and Ceol See Sand, the two Columbians Boris Peña and Daniel Molina, as well as Taiwanese Chen Yancheng get points at each sprint. The race got off to a flying start.

Chang Yancheng (TEP) manages to glean 14 points in front of Boris Peña (COL) with 13 points. Amedian Andrew Valinsky (USA), alone the whole race, manages to play the game well with 11 points. He wins his 3 last points at the final sprint. He ends up tie (as for the points) with Korean Cheol Lee Sang, one of the local stars.

Womens senior 15km elimination race: South Korea steals the title to Columbia

The first part of the race is led by the Argentineans, Columbians, Italians but also by New Zealander Nicole Begg. French Justine Halbout impressively falls frontwards, 22 laps from the end.

Argentineans Marta Arias and Melisa Bonnet hold the reins at 20 laps from the end, before being eliminated. Columbians Kelly Martinez and Marta Ramirez take it over, followed by Koreans Hyo Sook Woo and Hi Hyeon Lee. The quartet is now in charge.

During the last five laps, the Columbians take control to launch Kelly Martinez. But they have forgotten local Hyo Sook Woo (KOR) who passes her 500m before the finish line in front of her public.

Final ranking: Hyo Sook Woo (KOR) is first in front of Kelly Martinez (COL) and Marta Ramirez (COL).

Mens senior 15km elimination race: The French are out of luck

The race starts under the lead of New Zealander Scott Arlidge. Bart Swings (BEL), Jorge Cifuentes (COL), Joey Mantia (USA), Fabio Francolini (ITA) but also Yann Guyader (FRA) are in the vanguard…

Just like Justine Halbout in the Womens, French Yann Guyader falls at the 26th lap of the 15km eliminations because of a misplay by Joey Mantia. He falls and Chinese Siyuan Cong explodes his helmet. He is half a lap late. He gets up and doesn’t give up. One man’s meat is another man’s poison. Another fall happens 2 laps after, letting three skaters on the ground. Yann Guyader manages to go back to the pack in 5 laps. He reaches the head. He eliminates a lot of skaters before being eliminated too. In the final, Peter Michael (NZL), protected from the beginning of the race by Scott Arlidge (NZL), takes the lead in front of Bart Swings (BEL) and Jorge Cifuentes (COL). The final time is quite impressive: 22’11 for 15km!

10 km à points et à élimination juniors hommes sur piste

Main Results

500 m senior men

1) Muñoz, Andres Felipe (COL)
2) Causil, Pedro (COL)
3) Pelloquin, Nicolas (FRA)
4) Flores, Enrique (VEN)

500 m senior women

1) Puello, Jercy (COL)
2) Factos, Ingrid (ECU)
3) Chihling, Fan (TPE)

1000 m juniors men

1) Choi, Bongju ??? (KOR)
2) Campo Satizabal, Andres Felipe (COL)
3) Yong Park, Min (KOR)
4) PAEZ CUELLAR, Mike Alejandro (MEX)
5) Valencia, Mario (COL)
6) Sibiet, Tim (BEL)
7) Garderes, Joris (FRA)
8) Agudelo, Andrés (COL)

1000 m juniors women

1) Shin, So Yeong (KOR)
2) An, Jung Eun (KOR)
3) Escobar, Yesenia (COL)
4) Vivas, Solymar (VEN)
5) Gutermuth, Alisa (GER)
6) Mengchu, Li (TPE)
7) Chingting, Chang (TPE)
8) Hurtado, Estefania (COL)

10 km point/elimination Junior women

1) Ga Ram Yu (KOR) - 18 points
2) Nathalia Giraldo (COL) - 16 points     
3) So Yeong Lee (KOR) - 13 points
4) Yenny Serrano (COL) - 4 points
5) Kuan Yingjuang (TPE) - 4 points
6) Emma Clare (ECU) - 2 points
7) Daniela Mella (CHI) - 2 points
8) Xuemiao Cui (CHN) - 1 point
9) Deborah Marchand (FRA) - 1 point
10) Marie Poidevin (FRA)

10 km point/elimination Junior men

1) Chen Yancheng (TPE) - 14 points
2) Boris Peña (COL) - 13 points
3) Andrew Valinsky (USA) - 11 points
4) Cheol Lee Sang (KOR) - 11 points
5) Livio Wenger (SUI) - 4 points
6) Joris Garderes (FRA) - 3 points
7) Daniel Molina (COL) - 3 points
8) Rodrigo Matute (ECU) - 2 points
9) Hugo Ramírez (CHI) - 1 point
10) Mike Páez (MEX)

15 km elimination senior women

1) Hyo Sook Woo (KOR) - 24m38s451
2) Kelly Martinez (COL)
3) Marta Ramirez (COL)
4) Hi Hyeon Lee (KOR)
5) Francesca Lollobrigida (ITA)
6) Catherine Peñan (CHI)
7) Pan Yi Chin (TPE)
8) Guo Dan (CHN)
9) Mayra Arias (ARG)
10) Melisa Bonnet (ARG)

15 km elimination senior men

1) Peter Michael (NZL) - 22m11s668
2) Bart Swings (BEL)
3) Jorge Luis Cifuentes (COL)
4) Fabio Francolini (ITA)
5) Joseph Mantia (USA)
6) Yann Guyader (FRA)
7) Scott Arlidge (NZL)
8) Carlos Pérez (COL)
9) Crispijn Ariens (NED)           
10) Yoo Jong Nam (KOR)

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By Alfathor
Translated by Close Yr E’s
Pictures: Daniel Busser