You may have noticed that many skate brands have increased their prices in 2015, from a dozen to 50 euros according to the skate models! If you wonder why, you should look into the Euro/Dollar exchange rate.

What is the exchange rate between two currencies?

You speak about parity between two currencies when their exchange rates (purchase price) are almost the same. For over a year, the Euro exchange rate has dropped compared to USD, going from 1.30 USD for 1 Euro to 1.05 USD for 1 Euro.

Which impact does it have on our purchases?

At international level, big brands purchase in Dollars most of the time. When the Euro is stronger than the Dollar, the Europeans save money, they buy their products cheaper. When the Euro deflates, manufactured products bought in USD are more expensive.
Theoretically, purchase prices have increased by 20 to 30% over the last year.

Despite the fact that some brands increase their prices year after year without real tehcnological evolution, others have probably reduced their margin to compensate for this cyclical rise.

Graph source: Boursorama