6846, the number of skaters who will participate in the 2012 edition of Berlin Roller Marathon on 29 September 2012 ... the biggest roller skating marathon in the world! The flow of skaters will start in waves through the wide avenues of the German capital. The course: a single loop of 42,195 km, which corresponds exactly to the official marathon distance for runners.

Big stars ont the start line

Le podium du marathon roller de Berlin 2011The winners of the 2011 edition, Sabine Berg (Powerslide Matter) and Ewen Fernandez (Powerslide Matter) will be there to defend their title. Sabine Berg can count on her German Powerslide teammates to counter EO Skates armada where Cecilia Baena and Jana Gegner have serious arguments.

Unlike last year, Ewen Fernandez will be observed by other competitors after his magnificent victory in 2011. He escaped for a long breakaway and a solo victory. This will be difficult to recidivate! He will be accompanied by another strong teammates such as, Belgian Bart Swings that can also claim victory. Ewen can also count on Felix Rijhnen to help him...

Powerslide team will have to deal the French Yann Guyader (EO Skates), he has never won Berlin for the moment... the only marathon missing his impressive record. He will be supported by Levrard Julien (2nd in 2011), always ready to skate for his leader. 

The mass of skaters

There are not less than 52 countries represented at this 16th edition of Berlin Roller Marathon: Brazil, Argentina, India, Japan, USA, Germany, France ...
The largest foreign delegation will come from Denmark with no fewer than 619 participants.
Women's participation reaches 32%, which means ... more than 2,000 women on the starting line!

The race record

The current record is held by the American Joey Mantia since 2008 with 1h00mn32s. Suffice to say that Berlin is a fast marathon!

More information: skating.bmw-berlin-marathon.com

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