The brand new Seba CJ Wellsmore Pro Model skate will be available in the shops worldwide in autumn 2013. The shell of the skate is made of carbon fiber. That should be one of the lightest available on the market.

Very comfortable and very stiff, it provides a good ankle support and a good flexion at the same time. Thanks to the rockering system, the SEBA street frame can be mounted with up to 4X64mm wheels. It comes originally mounted with antirockers and CJ.Wellsmore 60mm wheels.
Available from size 36 to 47 EU.


  • Carbon shell
  • Seba street frame
  • Seba CJ Wellsmore 60mm wheels (Up to 4x64mm wheels)
  • Antirockers
  • 36 to 47 EU
  • Public price: € 399