The French Federation of Roller Sports released the list of skaters which will travel to China to participate in the 2016 World Inline Speed Skating Championships in Nanjing.

Junior Ladies

  • FROUIN Charlotte
  • LEFEUVRE Marine
  • ALLIAUD Joséphine

Junior Men

  • DAMBRUN Thomas
  • THIEBAULT Valentin
  • FOUCHER Flavien
  • FERRIE Martin

Senior Women

  • POUYDEBAT Juliette
  • HALBOUT Clémence
  • LE ROUX Maelann
  • BELLET Mélissa

Senior Men

  • DE SOUZA Elton
  • LE PIVERT Gwendal
  • LOUBINEAUD Timothy
  • BEDDIAF Nolan (route)

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