During the meeting, the Barcelona Roller Games 2017 Commitee presented the project in front of the FIRS delegation leaded by President Sabatino Aracu and composed by Alexandre Lebrun, Jorge Roldán, Margaret Brooks, Gilbert Portier, Harro Struckberg, Laura Morandi and Olivier Pascal as Chairmen for all the roller disciplines.

Today and tomorrow, the Evaluation Commission will visit the venues.

The press conference hold today in the Museu Olímpic i de l'Esport Juan Antonio Samaranch in Barcelona closed the evaluation visit by the FIRS Committee for the assignment of the 2017 Roller Games.

FIRS President Aracu

"It was a great presentation very well leaded, both from a sport point of view, thanking to the Spanish Federation, and from all the management and organizing aspects, with the Governance. Barcelona showed that really wants to host the first edition of the Roller Games!" 

The Host city will be decided on February 21st, 2015 in Rome during the Ordinary FIRS Congress and Barcelona will compete with Lima to host the first edition of the FIRS Roller Games World Championships in 2017: for the first time, all the Rollersports World Championships will take place in the same place. 

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