On September 1st, the Dutch Federation (KNSB) and Arjan Smit revealed the list of skaters that will fly to Kaohsiung for the 2015 World Championships of Speed Skating. Let's note the absence of skaters like the Mulder brothers, probably due to the fact that the worlds match with the beginning of the ice season...

Senior women

  • Bianca Roosenboom
  • Elma de Vries
  • Lisanne Buurman
  • Sharon Hendriks
  • Manon Kamminga

Senior men

  • Rick Schipper
  • Remon Kwant
  • Ruurd Dijkstra
  • Luc ter Haar


  • Berber Vonk
  • Twan Berlijn
  • Gerrie van Lingen
  • Chris Huizinga

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