The whole 2015 Powerslide Collection has just been added to our data base, featuring nearly 80 models including the Doops and the Powerskates!

The main change in the Powerslide Fitness Skating Collection for 2015 is the arrival of the 110 and 125 mm 3-wheel models like the Vi Photon and the Vi SuperCruiser, as well as the Grand Prix and the Ultra.

In Speed Skating, you'll find the models that made the success of the brand, like the Core Icon, the Triple X, the R2 and the R4. A novelty for the Juniors with a model showing the effigy of the new Belgian World Champion, the X Jr Bart Swings.

The Off Road Skating collection gives a new lease of life to the SUV. Riding the wave of success of the off-road practice, Powerslide even offers two different models this year, the Vi SUV II and the Vi SUV Metropolis.

Powerslide's Freeride Collection gets larger too, especially with the Ultron and the Metropolis Pro 80.