The Team France (Senior Women) of rink hockey participated in a training camp to prepare the 2014 World Championships which will be held in Tourcoing (France) from October 22 to November 2. Here is the list of players chosen by Fabien Savreux.



  • ABIVEN Manon (AL Plonéour)
  • BUIS Félicia (ROC Vaulx en Velin)
  • MICHOUD-GODARD Flora (CS Noisy le Grand)
  • ROUX Elsa (RHC Lyon).

Field players

  • BENA Nolwenn (RCK Seynod)
  • DARIBO Vanessa (CS Noisy le Grand)
  • DENEST Frédérique (CS Noisy le Grand)
  • FAY Claire (SCRA Saint-Omer)
  • HENG Malvina (US Coutras)
  • LABOYRIE Emilie (SA Mérignac)
  • LA FOURACDE Julie (US Coutras)
  • LAROCHE Sidonie (RHC Lyon)
  • LE BORGNE Adeline (US Coutras)
  • MALARD Tatiana (CS Noisy le Grand)
  • NEDDER Amina (RHC Lyon)
  • RENIER Camille (CS Noisy le Grand)