Forward skating with a hockey stick

This is the second part of our series dedicated to the learning of inline hockey. Last week we focused on the basic stance and the holding of the hockey stick. Today, we will learn how to skate efficiently forward.

Learning forward skating in inline hockey

Apprendre à patiner en avant en roller-hockeyAbove all, forward skating is a major asset in inline hockey. It enables you to free yourself from the other players, using your legs in order to:

  • gain speed
  • change directions
  • turn sharply
  • brake

You can find there several elements from the basic stance.

The basic stance

  • upper body leaning forward, knees and ankles bent
  • hands on the shaft, a forearm’s length apart
  • head erect to see where you are skating to

The push will take place under your bodyweight, your supporting foot is going to push in order to give the maximum power.
You have to find a balance (being slightly bent) and push on each leg one after the other. You should push hard from below and to the side in order to gain speed.

The beginner’s skating stride

Most of the time, skating beginners need to have both their feet touching the ground to feel stable. At first you should keep one leg to the ground while the other one pushes on the side to gather momentum.
As you tend toward a more expert level, you will lean on one foot at a time to stride, and the supporting leg will become the propelling leg.

The secret of an efficient push

Ideally you should push hard with only one foot to the ground. If you push on the supporting leg, you will create the maximum power. The second leg will go back under your body in order to compensate the loss of balance and push in turn.


Whether you skate with a puck or not, the stick should stay in contact with the ground!


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