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Roller-skating dvds and video tapes2020-10-10T13:10:57+02:00 dissected for you roller-skating educational DVDs and tapes on the market in recent years. These videos allow you to learn or improve your skating technique. We also follow the DVD releases of the roller street brands to give you our feelings …

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DVD: Fester

2/02/12 | par |  0 commentaire(s) | lu 11380 fois

“Fester” is a new brand of wheels created by Joey Chase, Damien Wilson and Canadian skater Mathieu Ledoux. What better way to promote a new brand than releasing a video… ?


Review: DVD charging

11/05/11 | par |  0 commentaire(s) | lu 8329 fois

It’s alway with a great pleasure that we receives the last roller’s DVDs. This time CLIC-N-ROLL proposes us the Charging video. A dvd produced byt Adam Johnson et directed mainly by Sean Kelso. Charging is a tour dvd, from Philly to LA and Kansas city. Follow the guide…

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DVD Shred ’til you’re dead

6/06/10 | par |  0 commentaire(s) | lu 9119 fois

Yvan Narez shows us a 3,000 miles tour with the team Valo, Jeff Stockwell and Chris Haffey. From the North of California to Idaho through Oregon, we visit every most beautiful skatepark of the country. Of what to tempt us to take our blades and ride with them…

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Powerslide DVD: “Road to Speed”

19/02/10 | par |  0 commentaire(s) | lu 12704 fois

In June 2008, Powerslide has released a DVD to learn inline speed-skating. Arnaud Gicquel, multiple world champion, explains the basics of speed-skating. 4 years later, Powerslide has posted the DVD “Road to Speed” on Youtube …

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