Aracu Sabatino, FIRS Président, has published an encouraging editorial on the Web site of the FIRS. The International Federation of Roller Sports is working on organizing a major international event that would bring together all disciplines of roller skating. The subject was discussed at the last executive board meeting.

The "Roller Games" would aim to draw the attention of sponsors and international media. For 15 days, all disciplines of skating would be present in a single place.


  • Figure Skating
  • Speed-Skating
  • Rink-Hockey
  • Inline-Hockey
  • Skateboarding
  • Inline Freestyle
  • Inline Downhill
  • Roller-Derby
  • Inline Alpine

According to the first draw of this project, this event could bring together all the world championships of different disciplines in the same place at the same time!The final date is not fixed yet, but the event should be held on 2017 with nearly 3,000 skaters.
The FIRS is opening the bidding process for the cities that could be interested in hosting the event. It's a safe bet that an Italian city will be a candidate ...

More information: FIRS Web site

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