Few novelties

An extension of the endurance range

The Fila Matrix Verso, which was only available in 3x110mm, is now also available with 3x125 mm. The Matrix 100 has returned. The range of long-distance skates is now well covered for every type of endurance athlete.

Gamme Fila NRK 2018

Freeride skates

The range of freeride skates extends in 2018 with the NRK Carbon, NRK Carbon Verso and NRK Pro noir. They are available in all sorts of colors. The NRK Fun and the NRK Junior will continue to be available and are now also available in two new colors. The Houdini is now also available as a 3x125mm version: Houdini Pro 125.

Houdini Pro 125

Children's skates

The children's model is equipped with the CBS system and the frame is divided into two pieces. The front part is adjustable, which is a very clever idea for a kids skate. If you want to lengthen the front part of the shoe, the front part of the frame also lengthens.

Except for the models shown here, the collection from 2016 has returned. The Fila catalog also contains a large number of roller skates, in the modern sense. 

Modèle enfant Fila 2018

Fila NRK Junior 2018