The name says it all - this frame is a real plesure tool! It was developed in close collaboration with top speed slalom skaters. This short frame is fast, agile and very reactive. It´s more than just a speed slalom frame – its pure fun to ride this frame!

The frame is very well balanced and super stiff. One unique feature of the frame is the variable space between the wheels. The second wheel was shifted a bit more backwards towards the third wheel as this frame was especially designed for speed slalom in order to give the frame more power and stability, because the skaters put more weight on the back of the frame in speedslalom. Sure this frame can also be used for regular skating. The Pleasure Tool frame is 243mm long fitting max. 3x 110mm wheels. The frame got his extraordinary look from the CNC milled edges including the perfect laser prints. A special detail are the scales along the side of the mounting slots, but also placed on front and rear to help the skater to adjust his frame-boot set up. The Pleasure Tool frame features the 165mm mounting standard. It comes with standard single axles with torx head featuring nice laser prints. The torx head has the advantage that the axles do not get round too easy compared with regular hex axles. The combination of the across slot in the frame and the along slot in our boots is called the X-Slot Mounting. This system enables the skater to adjust the boot-frame setup without any dead spot according to his skating style and preferences. 

Technical features

Brand: Powerslide
Year: 2015
Name: Pleasure Tool
Material: aluminium 7005 CNC extruded - lazer print
Max diameter: 3x110 mm
Mounting: 165mm
Length: 243mm
Axles: Torx (8 mm)
Price: €129