Powerslide and Tribu Roller, organizer of 24 Hours of Le Mans signed an agreement for the two next editions of the event.


" Upon the question from Tony if we wanted to continue our sponsoring for the LeMans 24h event, our answer could only be YES! We have been supporting the event the past two years, and our enthusiasm is still growing. In 2012 we were present not only with the booth but also with two teams, for 2013 we plan to set up a girls team as well, and we have quite some Powerslide staff who would love to come along for the LeMans event. It´s 24 hours of pure skating, with thousands and thousands of skating enthusiasts. We love to skate is not just the slogan of our company, we are all skaters and we love going to events where we can find so much fun in skating. LeMans is not just a race, it´s a huge skating party all weekend long, and we have never seen anything alike.

Company owner Matthias Knoll was so enthusiastic over his participation in 2012 that he will be back in 2013!  In 2012 we launched part of our Vi skates line at the LeMans event, and it was a great success, nowhere in the world you can get so much feedback on your products, so fast. So our presence at leMans is not only beneficial in the sense of brand image and sales, but also the

conversations with so many skaters are invaluable. At LeMans, we enjoy skating, learn from the skaters experiences and we promote our brand.

All in one weekend!

Looking forward to seeing you @LeMans 24h 2013 ! "