Powerslide announced this morning that Peter Michael will be going the Powerslide/Matter team in 2015.

Peter along with his new team mate, Bart Swings will form an incredible duo throughout the racing season. Peter being the best elimination skater of his generation and combined with Bart being the best points racers, it will make for an exciting season.

Powerslide caught up with Pete while he was busy preparing for ice events during the winter:

Short interview

Powerslide : What does it mean to you to come back to PS after some years away?

Peter Michael: It's like coming back to where it all began, and I'm happy and excited to be back.

Powerslide is already stacked with some of the biggest names in our sport, do you already know the guys and girls? And in particular how is your relationship with Bart Swings?

PM: Yeah, PS is a full squad of the top skaters from around the world and I know a lot of the guys and girls on and off the track and they are such a great bunch of people. Bart and myself have had a good relationship both on and off the track. And we have had some really good battles. However I am very excited to be doing forces with Bart and the other guys.

Video: victory of Peter Michael - Lugdunum Contest 2012