Back on a derby bout that made history, marking the first encounter of a French and an American team... June 1st, 2013, a date to remember.

If you were there, relive it. If you missed it, it went like this:


 "A non-exhaustive presentation of the teams is essential:

  • The PARIS ROLLERGIRLS ALL-STARS are currently the best ranked French team, and we did our first bout in 2010. Classy, yeah... but CONTEXT IS EVERYTHING:
  • The UNICORN TEAM is a non-charted and inter-league travel team, affiliated with the Mad Rollin' Dolls in Madison, Wisconsin, USA, a league that started its first full season BACK IN 2005 (!)

Let's sum up...

They are (mostly) American;
They are (at least) twice more experienced than us;
They are touring Europe;
We are going to be the first French team to meet American players;
People will come from everywhere in France for the occasion;
The venue is sold out with 800 people i.e.1600 eyes that will be watching us;