Overview of Powerslide products 2012 (virus LINE)


Powerslide V90Initially, when we heard of the virus products a few months ago, we thought: "Come on, even a marketing concept more for not much". When we saw the first video and then had the product in hand, it changed to "Oh, it rocks!"

Main features of Virus products

  • 13 new products in the 2012 catalog
  • replaceable buckles
  • liners with 360° fast closure system (ATOP 2 Concept - a fast lacing system including a 0,8mm stainless steel metal wire)
  • Heat moldable liner (80°C / 90°C)
  • natural foot shape with 3D padding, latex foam
  • EVA double layer innersole
  • protection of the shell
  • replaceable lace guide
  • Strong and supportive cuff made of CFK (fiberglass and renforced plastic) with V-Cut

Basically, the really important point about this line of products, it is the closing system. The cable is wound by the calf. As it wraps all the foot and make a pressure at the same time on rigid parts, the foot is totally wrapped in a sort of breastplate, you does not move a muscle! Quickly and efficiently.

Powerslide Virus 100

Powerslide Virus 100

Products dedicated to fitness skating

4 products whose names match the diameter of wheels: V84, V84 Pure (Women), V90, V100.
The V84 is equipped with stamped frames. It is common in most brands in the entry level, but it looks like the body of a Porsche with the engine of a 2CV! Extruded plates would be welcome!
On the V90, there are extruded frames... but the produts that attracted our attention is undoubtedly the V100. Its black / green design is really in the spirit of the "Virus" line. The carbon imitation upper has a modern and aggressive design. We had the chance to put the skate on, support is good and tightening very effective. Interestingly, the frame is equipped with 4x100mm wheels, but accepts 4x110mm. A brake pad is included with this product.

Powerslide Schockliner

The off-road skates are coming back!

Since 1997 and the Rollerblade Coyote, no brand on the market really dared to propose an off-road skate. Powerslide launches the SUV, a skate equipped with the ATOP closure system. A Magnesium plate hosts 3x125mm pneumatic wheels. His 195mm pitch can possibly allow replace the boot by another one if you wish. Important detail: the bearings are Twincam ILQ SUS rustproof.
A second off-road skates is available: The Shockline and its suspension frame. Both products are equipped with a Canti Disc brake system.

Powerslide SUV

Powerslide Virus 100

Speed-skating line, a devastating look for the V Pro Carbon

It is clear that the guys who run Powerslide are passionate by roller-skating, because the investment in the molds is far from negligible, 11 new models, it is not trivial.

Platine EVM Carbone PowerslideThe Virus Pro Carbon skate has the look of a bat. If Batman was a speed-skater, he would have definitely choose this skate!
The carbon shell has the same specific closure system than the rest of the Virus line. The upper is made?with hydrophobic materials (Waterdrop Suprafiber).
The Virus Carbon Pro has a new Core Virus Pro frale (13.2 inch) with 4x110 mm wheels. Its specificity: a mass of only 138 grams and the possibility of adding carbon plate between the axes to increase rigidity. Best of all, it is equipped with the new G13 wheel. A product that will be tested!
The Virus RS is also a new product. Its opened sheel distinguish the Virus RS from the other speed-skates. It is equipped with a Virus Magnesium frame 4x110 mm (13.2 inch) and 110 mm Matter Image F1 wheels.
Cool stuff, the junior products have the equivalent of the adult product with the RS Junior. In addition, the cuff is removable, which allows more support of the ankle in a first time. Then, you can remove the cuff to turn it into a low cut roller skate in a second time.
An interesting product for children available by 2 sizes from 32 to 37.

Powerslide Virus RS

Vitness/long distance products: the Virus SL

The Virus SL: 2 skates in one! The principle is simple: the boot is equipped with a removable cuff. It enables to pass from a long distance skate to a speed-skating one by loosening the cuff. The Virus SL is delivered with a Magnesium frame measuring 13.2 inches. The frame can host 4x110 mm wheels but is equipped with four Marathon Lite F1 100 mm wheels.

Powerslide Virus SL

Freeride : The Virus FSK

In line with the other versions, Powerslide also proposes a freeride skate. A novelty, the 243mm Beta frame which logically follows the previous Alpha. It hosts four 80 mm wheels. The boot is heatmouldable, the liner is removable and washable. The size of the frame depends on the size of your foot!

  • 36-39: 223mm with 72/76mm wheels on a pre-rockered frame
  • 40-41: 231mm with 72/76mm wheels on a pre-rockered frame
  • 42-46: 243mm with 80mm wheels

Powerslide Virus 100

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Written by Alfathor
Pictures: Powerslide and Alfathor