The FIRS (International Federation of Roller Sports) has announced the release of the international rules of roller derby and their publication on the FIRS Internet Website. While the news may seem trifling, the stakes are high. Indeed, most teams play with the rules of the WFTDA (Women's Flat Track Derby Association), the only association actually recognized internationally.

The rules enacted by the FIRS have but little legitimacy today, and still, they are going to be applied at the first World Roller Games in 2017 in Nanjing (China). Moreover, the FIRS has taken a real political risk in appointing a man, and not a woman, at the head of the world roller derby, who is, also, close to the USARS: Fernando Regueiro. The number of teams present at the next Roller Games will be a good indicator of the acceptance of this new ruleset within the derby community.

Press release of the FIRS: "FIRS announces the international rules of Roller Derby"