The FIRS is filled with enthusiasm after the meeting of the International Olympic Committee that took place in early August in Kuala Lumpur, the Malaysian capital. The 128th session of the IOC was the occasion to take stock on the Youth Olympics that took place during the summer of 2014 in Nankin, China.

The organization confirmed the major part that was played by the roller sports. The event would have had a significant impact on the local youth and a long-term cooperation has started with the FIRS. Big skating events are planned for the months and years to come: A coaching seminar in November 2015, the world championships of speed skating in 2016, the world championships of roller hockey in 2018 and the Roller Games in 2019. Skating will be taught in schools from now on. The Sportlab Building is to become a skating museum and Nankin establishes itself as the capital of Roller Sports.

The next stage will the the road to Tokyo 2020. On August 7th, the FIRS will defend its cause to the olympic organization.

Watch the video: "Nankin, the Capital of Roller Sports"