The Japanese team will travel to Birmingham (England) to participate in the 2014 Men's Roller Derby World Cup.
Derby Name Charter Number
U2 1
Ryo-Chin 4
Umesan 7
Catsu 11
Gundam 18
Ikagesoyaro 32
Bubble 99
Show 110
Gon-Z 113
Zorro 136
DJ Jack 1929
Mayuge-Born-Die R4
Salad Kinoku  

Home Leagues

We don't have men's roller derby leagues in Japan yet. But we are currently working on it and very close to organize one.

Team Facts

Coming from the land of the rising sun, we are Ninjapan Rollers. Our youngest skater is 30 years old and the oldest skater is close to in his 60s. But don't need to go easy on him. He is a former roller game star in 1980s Tokyo, Japan. Our biggest weapon is our ninja like agility.

Country Facts

Japan is a less developed country when it comes to roller derby. The population of roller derby players are much less compared to other countries. So, we believe one of our missions at this World Cup is to introduce this wonderful sport to the people of Japan by giving the best of what we have.

More information: and our page dedicated to 2014 MRDWC