International Trophy of 3 Tracks 2013 

La chambre d'appel à PibracAt the end of March, the fear of a capricious weather might explain a lower number of registered skaters for the 27th edition. The organization gets back to a "normal" participation, around 825 competitors will compete in Pibrac, Valence d'Agen and Gujan-Mestras (South of France).

The Weather argument is implausible because the organization is particularly concerned with the question. Whatever the period, we alway have summer weather 3 days before the competition, the rest is just fate! Participants endure the situation with philosophy, in particular for skaters from distant continents and less for local skaters!

Mismatch with the school holidays, economic crisis and the impact of the European Cup on the motivation of some northern European skaters did the rest.

Whatever, the figure of 825 skaters engaged is good. Many organizers would be happy  on all continents to get so many skaters. This figure is well suited to the format of the 3 tracks by limiting to two the number of rounds (not 3 as in 2012) and for both small finals.

Registered clubs

  • There is virtually no Belgian registered, which is no surprise when you consider that the licensees in Belgium are almost limited to Oostend's Club.
  • There are also rare Dutch skaters grouped in brands teams.
  • One notice the loyalty of the German club of Gera who will continue the 3 tracks with a studious week of training on the track of Gujan-Mestras.
  • Always a good participation of the Iberian Peninsula, the Spanish skaters are affected by the crisis, but they will be at the 3 Tracks!
  • There is also a significant Portuguese presence, frustrated by the economic cancellation of their national race "Terra do Infante" in Lagos.
  • Austria, Denmark, Poland, Czech Republic, rare Italian complete the list of participating European nations.An American renewal announces the recovery of this continent.
  • The number of Colombian skaters decreased because the organization of the 3 Tracks decided to stop the management of accommodation for those delegations that are totally impervious to any administrative discipline, excluding the last hour absences and the payment of slates and unoccupied booked rooms! One exception: the serious club Envigado Colombia Paen that will come with three international athletes and younger age groups. No doubt they will be on the podium on the evening of 1 April 2013.
  • Finally, Venezuela will come with a large delegation of 52 skaters, conducted by the President of the Federation, Fabian Arcila. At this time we have confirmation of a second group of twenty additional Venezuelan skaters under the leadership of Yann Guyader (the new national coach).
  • Reference to Yann gives us the perfect transition to evoke French clubs. With nearly 100 less skaters, an erosion is observed in all regions. Some clubs who traveled with more than 10 skaters will only send 1 or 2 competitors..


Yann Guyader (EO Skates)

We can only do better compared to last year! In small and younger categories, European girls and boys did not resist to the south american wave in 2012! The 3 Tracks are a good opportunity to make first steps in international competitions. 
Among the elite ladies, Cecilia Baena and Kelly Martinez gave way to their compatriots Fabriana Arias  and Carolina Upegui, a good benchmark for the best French skaters!
In the elite men, Yann Guyader will skate under the colors of Eoskates. He is determined to beat the record of 7 bictories hold by Arnaud Gicquel... despite the presence of skaters like the World Champion Pedro Causil or Daniel Zapata. Another French skater such as Alexis Contin could push Yann Guyader to his limits!



Live broadcasting

The French Federation, the League of Midi Pyrenees, advertisers and three clubs organizers will once again offer you a live broadcasting of the 3 tracks for 3 days. One find the usual broadcast team: Paris WebCube management, cameras, Reyda Messaoudi comments and Kronotek official timekeeper.

The communication service of the FFRS will manage this staff of 10 people for 3 days, so you will just have to enjoy the show!

Live broadcasting Web Site:  - Inlay with instant results.

The list of registered skaters will be available soon on the Web Site of the 3 Tracks.

Le peloton féminin en 2012


By Daniel Bonithon
Translation: Alfathor
Photos: all rights reserved