The first men's roller-derby world cup will be held in Birmingham (GBR) on march 2014, 14th to 16th. The organization put the early bird tickets on sale on Saturday 26th at noon, London time. All 250 were gone in just over an hour. A second allocation of 50 were sold out in about 3 minutes later that evening. This could be the hottest ticket in derby in 2014!

The next batch of tickets will go on sale on the 30th of November at 12 noon, London time.

How about a spirit video to support your favorite team?

However, the organization has an opportunity for those who aren't going to make it to the tournament--make a spirit video! Short videos, made by leagues or groups of supporters, will be shown on the track and on the feed. I've attached a link to the full details of the spirit video programme. 

More information here: