The French selection for the 2014 men's roller-derby World Cup has been unveiled. We notice a strong representation of the main French men's teams including: Toulouse, Montpellier and Paris. Here is the list of players...

Team France was born in last june with the election of the staff. The first try outs were organized at the end of August and the final team was defined in October. More than 50 guys made the try outs which is quite huge for France.

The team made 5 trainings during week-ends from october to february all over the France. Two bouts are organized before the World Cup to check the improvement of the Team. The first one was last week-end against the women of Team Canada. Team France won by 203-131. It was a crazy game against a real experienced team (they finished second at the first women world cup in 2011). The second one will be on february 22nd against a selection of french players. The next step will be the World Cup!

Men's roller derby is developing quite fast in France. Until 2012, only one team existed and we can count now more than 12 teams over the country. At the last European Championship, three teams were competing (Toulouse Quad Guards, Panam Squad and Kamiquadz) and the guys from Toulouse won the title while the Panam Squad won the small cup.

The team is still looking for some sponsors or donators and we even made a video with jams played in boxer shorts to motivate people to help us to find money to make jerseys. You can watch this video on our Facebook page ;)

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