The 2014 U17 European Rink Hockey Championship is about to start in Gujan-Mestras (France). The French coach unveiled the list of players which will participate in the competition...


  • Axel Bonneau (La Vendéenne)
  • Mathéo Martinato (RCK Seynod)


  • Tom Vergne (US Villejuif)
  • Mohrad Ajaali (US Villejuif)
  • Givency Tshilombo (US Villejuif)
  • Tom Mfukani (US Villejuif)
  • Arnaud Cremese (SA Mérignac)
  • Titouan Rousseau (Quintin)
  • Nathan Gelle (RCK Seynod)
  • Nathan Gefflot (La Vendéene)


  • Thierry Cadet (coordinator)
  • Alexandre Etienne (physiotherapist)
  • Stéphane Herin (coach)