Today the FIRS presented to the Tokyo 2020 Organizing committee its proposal for the inclusion of Roller Sports in the programme of the Olympic Games that will be held in Japan.

"We are satisfied" President Aracu said. "We presented a complete project that in 5 years will lead Roller Sports to be an even more important sport in Japan and we are sure we can create a consistent legacy both before and after the Games. And we know that we have all it takes to contribute and make the Olympics more spectacular and appealing. The success of Tokyo 2020 is our top priority!".

The project presented by the FIRS goes beyond the ordinary proposal of sporting events for the Games: starting from the awareness of having an across-the-board movement of roller aficionados behind and of the fact that in Japan there is now the perfect chance to make this movement grow exponentially, the International Federation has proposed a five-year set of events – seminars, international cup, national and world championships, tours all throughout the Country and so much more – with the actual objective of developing the sporting and leisure potential to the highest level, even before the Olympics.

The 2020 Agenda has given Tokyo the chance of writing history, including sporting events outside the Olympic sports context and reasoning in terms of renewal of the Games paying greater attention to Sports & Entertainment, which is now largely recognized as the only possible future for the Olympic Games.

Roller Sports can be the perfect answer to this need: the events proposed apart from being convenient in terms of costs, building of the venues and organization of the events, can attract media attention like no other sport thanks to their ability to draw the attention of public of all ages and gender. Furthermore, the FIRS has submitted a proposal which is flexible in terms of events, number of athletes and days of competition, that will facilitate Organizing Committee's task. The FIRS will also guarantee to the Tokyo 2020 Organizing Committee the utmost availability in finding the proposal that best fits the objectives set.

Finally, building on the experience of the SportsLab in Nanjing, the FIRS will leave a strong legacy to the Japanese citizenship and to the Games: the reduced costs, in terms of both infrastructures and equipment, will facilitate a fast spread of Roller Sports; the effects on the leisure movement, thanks to the Olympic Project thus conceived, will contribute to an active participation and consequentially to the search of healthy lifestyles and the fight against obesity.

Obviously, such a complex and well-structured Project has numerous challenges to overcome: but the FIRS is sure to being able to fae them in the best possible way.

In the picture below, from left to right:

Laura Morandi - FIRS Vice Secretary General, Olivier Pascal - FIRS Aggressive Technical Committee Chairman, Roberto Marotta - FIRS Secretary General, Sabatino Aracu - FIRS President, Katsuei Hirasawa - Japan Roller Sports Federation President, Simone Masserini - FIRS Corporate Advisor, Kunio Kiyomiya - Japan Roller Sports Federation, Norio Iwakata - Japan Roller Sports Federation