1000m races

Championnat d'Europe Roller course - 4ème journée

1000m senior women

Manon Kamminga is definitely the most versatile skater these championships! Despite the sacrifices of Laethisia Schimek (GER) to support her teammate Jana Gegner, Manon Kamminga and Andrea Trafeli overtook the German skater. Manon Kamminga (NED, 01:30,554) won the race ahead of Andrea Trafeli (ITA, 01:30,653) on the finish line. Jana Gegner (GER, 01:30,796) completed the podium. The blond Dutch this won her fourth gold medal at the 2013 European Championships. 

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1000m senior men

Championnat d'Europe Roller course - 4ème journée

The crowd was clearly behind the two local skaters Arians Crispijn and Mark Horsten... but the Italians who made ??the show!
The French Nicolas Pelloquin led the first laps of the race with Francolini with Fabio (ITA) in his wheel. Francolini pushed the accelerator and overtook the French skater with his compatriot Lorenzo Cassioli (ITA) behind him. One and a half lap to go: Livio Wenger (GER) collided with the French skater. He was declassed but the French has lost his speed. Lorenzo Cassioli (ITA, 01:23,722) won the race in front of Fabio Francolini (ITA, 01:23,950) and Mark Horsten (NED, 01:24,030). 

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1000m junior ladies

Everyone was expecting the German skater Alisa Gutermuth and she did not disappointed! At the beginning of the race, Alisa Gutermuth (GER, 01:32,208) is already at the forefront, fighting with Barba Izasjun and Giulia Lollobrigida. Ysia Clausses (FRA 01:32,331) is wedged in second position ahead of Annemarie Boer (NED 01:32,403). 

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1000m junior men

The German Simon Albrecht (GER, 01:23,621) continues to accumulate medals. He beat Mathias Vosté (BEL, 01:23,693) and Alberto Putignano (ITA 01:24,199). 

Mixed relays

Championnat d'Europe Roller course - 4ème journée

After a few trials at the Europa Cup of Bayreuth (Germany), the European Race Committee (Comité Européen Course, CEC) has decided to introduce a mixed relay demonstration at the European Championships in Almere (Netherlands).

Junior relay

Since Germany has won the both men and women relays in the junior category, it was hard to imagine that the mixed relay would escape the German skaters. So it's no surprise if Germany won the race in front of Spain and Italy. 

Watcht the video of the race here

Senior relay

The senior relay crown the Dutch skaters at home ahead of Germany and Spain. Mark Horsten (NED) got the victory against Francolini Fabio (ITA) and Paxti Peula (ESP) in the final sprint. The French relay have had bad luck with the fall of Nolan Beddiaf. 

Medals ranking

Place Country Médaille d'or Médaille d'argent Médaille de bronze Total
1 GER GER 7 7 4 18
2 ITA ITA 6 9 8 23
3 NED NED 6 1 4 11
4 FRA FRA 2 5 5 12
5 ESP ESP 2 0 1 3
6 BEL BEL 1 1 1 3

At the end of the last day on the track, we can have a look to the medal ranking.
Germany has managed to take the first place to Italy with a seventh gold medal: Four of them belong to Simon Albrecht!
However, Italy is the country that receives the most medals at the 2013 European Championships with a total of 23. The Netherlands are coming back in the ranking of European nations. They point to the third place ahead of France (which is decreasing) and Spain.

If the classification is refined by sex, the Netherlands are even leading the women's overall ranking ahead of Germany and Italy. For men, the ranking is identical to overall ranking .About the point ranking, France is ahead of Italy and the Netherlands. 

Today is a rest day! Time for tourism in Flevoland.

Championnat d'Europe Roller course - 4ème journée

Video: Senior men/women mixed relay

1000m results

Senior Women - 1000m

Pos. Prénom Nom Nation Temps
1 Manon Kamminga NED 01:30,554
2 Andrea Trafeli ITA 01:30,653
3 Jana Gegner GER 01:30,796
4 Sofia D'Annibale ITA 01:31,024
5 Laethisia Schimek GER 01:31,298
6 Sheila Posada ESP 01:31,343
7 Justine Halbout FRA 01:31,411
8 Juliette Pouydebat FRA 01:59,165

Senior Men - 1000m

Pos. Prénom Nom Nation Temps
1 Lorenzo Cassioli ITA 01:23,722
2 Fabio Francolini ITA 01:23,950
3 Mark Horsten NED 01:24,030
4 Jore van den Berghe BEL 01:24,372
5 Felix Rijhnen GER 01:24,764
6 Crispijn Ariens NED 01:25,420
7 Nicolas Pelloquin FRA 01:26,583
8 Livio Wenger SUI 01:26,584

Junior A Women - 1000m

Pos. Prénom Nom Nation Temps
1 Alisa Gutermuth GER 01:32,208
2 Ysia Clausses FRA 01:32,331
3 Annemarie Boer NED 01:32,403
4 Nerea Nuno ESP 01:33,105
5 Tamara Felbinger GER 01:33,427
6 Anais Laurent FRA 01:34,384
7 Giulia Lollobrigida ITA 01:34,711
8 Barba Izaskun ESP 01:38,069

Junior A Men - 1000m

Pos. Prénom Nom Nation Temps
1 Simon Albrecht GER 01:23,621
2 Mathias Voste BEL 01:23,693
3 Alberto Putignano ITA 01:24,199
4 Stefan Due Schmidt DEN 01:24,554
5 Jordy Harink NED 01:24,855
6 Yassine Baroudi FRA 1:24,855
7 Alexandre Guyomard FRA 01:25,493
8 Mikel Hernandez ESP 01:28,073

4000m mixed relay

Junior relay

Pos. Pays Patineurs Temps
1 GER (77 A. Gutermuth, 80 S. Albrecht, 78 T. Felbinger, 82 T. Kiesslich) 05:37,120
2 ESP (247 N. Nuno, 249 I. Garcia, 245 I. Fernandez, 248 D. Villaverde) 05:37,377
3 ITA (104 G. Lollobrigida, 108 S. Gili, 103 C. Simbula, 109 C. Sartorato) 05:37,570
4 FRA (53 A. Laurent, 60 A. Guyomard, 54 D. Marchand, 56 Y. Baroudi) 05:38,672
5 NED (222 A. Boer, 231 R. Schipper, 224 M. de Boer, 232 K. Schipper) DNF

Senior relay

Pos. Pays Patineurs Temps
1 NED (201 M. Kamminga, 209 R. Mulder, 202 B. Roosenboom, 214 M. Horsten) 05:31,146
2 GER (66 J. Gegner, 67 L. Schimek, 63 M. Thum, 65 K. Rumpus) 05:31,356
3 ESP (240 S. Posada, 243 P. Peula, 239 S. Narvaez, 242 I. Fernandez) 05:31,405
4 GER (64 S. Berg, 70 E. Ramali, 65 K. Rumpus, 71 F. Rijhnen) 05:31,488
5 SUI (257 N. Wenger, 256 F. Heim, 258 R. von Burg) DNF
5 FRA (40 J. Pouydebat, 47 E. de Souza, 42 J. Halbout, 45 N. Beddiaf) DQ


By Alfathor
Photos: Nathalie Planelles