European inline speed-skating championship: last day on track

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Relais à l'américaine juniors hommes

General ranking

The Italians are currently first in the ranking of nations. They accumulate 350 points. The French are second with 322 points. In fact, the Dutch rules are original and specific to these European championships: they give 13 points to the first of each race, the second get 12, the third 11 and so on... until the twelfth which takes 2 points and those that follow from the thirteenth take one point. Behind Italy and France, there is currently the Netherlands (218 points), Germany (194 points) and Belgium (181 points).

1000m finals

In junior ladies category, Katharina Rumpus (Germany) beat Valentina Fede (Italy). Saray Narnaez (Spain) finished 3rd. Marie Poidevin (France) is fourth.

The Belgian Jore van den Berghe is definitively the fastest skater in the Junior Men category. He beat Joris Garderes (France) and Pablo Tussetto (Italy).

Senior women

Italians, Dutch and German were very fast in qualifying. For example, Justine Halbout is defeated by Erika Zanetti (Italy), Jana Gegner (Germany) and Bianca Roosenboom (Netherlands). Marie Poidevin (France) is qualified for the final of the 1000m.In finals, Manon Kamminga (Netherlands) beat Jana Gegner (Allemagne) on the finish line, supported by her public. The Italian Erika Zanetti finish third of the senior women...

Senior men

Julien Despaux and Elton De Souza were in the same semifinal. But the two were able to take the lead immediately and let the Italians and the Dutch fighting behind: they finish first and second with a comfortable advance.However, Nicolas Pelloquin fell on strong opponents: Crispijn Ariens (Netherlands), Bart Swings (Belgium) and Fabio Francolini (Italy). Bart stayed "holed up" the entire race and accelerated only in the final straight line go beat everyone, except Ariens!In the senior men category, the Belgian Bart Swings remains the fastest skater in Europe. Elton de Souza takes the second place for France and Crispijn Ariens (Netherlands) is third.

Relais à l'américaine juniors dames

American relays

In the americain relays, a lot of country only engaged 2 skaters in the junior ladies category. France decided not to participate with Marie Poidevin and Margot Pouydebat. For junior and seniors skaters, the teams go directly in final. Except for the men. The French relay is composed with Ewen Fernandez, Yann Guyader and Nicolas Pelloquin.France has placed all her team on the podium, knowing that the junior women did not take the start.

Juniors men

In their final, Junior men have passed through all the colors, really! Ideally launched by Benjamin Pierre-Jean, they are overtaken by the Dutch and Belgian relays in the relays. The Italians used their hands to get the French out of the podium, but fate turned against the Transalpine, they missed a relay during transmission. Front, the Belgians had secured the gold (for the third time in the day) and the Dutch silver. The French then took the bronze by containing the Spanish team.

Senior women

Seniors women fought to the end. For France, Laetitia Le Bihan and Justine Halbout ideally placed Halbout Clemence in the back of the German at the moment of the last passages... the Germans, who had opened a small hole, seemed untouchable. The Netherlands galvanized by their public and even the Italians were really strong. This is actually what happened, but at half: Clemence Halbout lose a place in the last straight line, beaten by the Batavian. But she managed to save the podium! Germany is first, Netherlands second and France third...

Senior men

The French Senior Men mastered their race! Nicolas Pelloquin took the start. They have been doubled once in three miles, by the Spanish. Nicolas Pelloquin came back almost immediately. It was not necessarily the tactics: The french team would have liked to get everyone away from the start. But again, the Dutch have bit the bullet to catch their wheel with the Italians, Spaniards and Belgians in their wheel...In fact, the Spaniards helped the French in spite of themselves. They began to lead tje six laps to go, time to complete a relay. In his last relay, Ewen Fernandez managed to widen the gap to put the Dutch and the Spanish nose to the wind. Yann Guyader accelerated again on the bell towards the gold medal! Later, Bart Swings missed the podium, despite his last stint of two laps, to the benefit of the Spaniards.

Arrivée de l'américaine au championnat d'Europe 2011

Main results

1000 m sprint junior ladies

1) Katharina Rumpus - Germany - 1:39.111
2) Valentina Fede - Italy - 1:39.483
3) Saray Narnaez - Espagne - 1:39.693
4) Marie Poidevin - France - 1:39.702
5) Laethisia Schimek - Germany - 1:40.835
6) Elisabete Batalim - Portugal - 1:41.037
7) Anke Vos - Belgium - 1:44.040
8) Sofia D'Annibale - Italy - 2:14.384
9) Mandy Groot - Netherlands - 1:44.308
10) Rina von Burg - Swiss- 2:16.053

1000 m sprint junior men

1) Jore van den Berghe - Belgium - 1:35.262
2) Joris Garderes - France - 1:35.293
3) Pablo A Tussetto - Italy - 1:35.754
4) Martyn Dias - Portugal - 1:35.756
5) Mauro Corselli - Italy - 1:36.038
6) Tim Sibiet - Belgium - 1:36.082
7) Lars Scheenstra - Netherlands - 1:34.969
8) Livio Wenger - Swiss-  1:35.943
9) Tristan Ulreich - Austria - 1:35.832
10) Pierre-Yves Peridy - France - 1:36.399
11) Guillaume de Mallevoue - France - 1:36.874

1000 m sprint senior ladies

1) Manon Kamminga - Netherlands - 1:36.371
2) Jana Gegner - Germany - 1:36.497
3) Erika Zanetti - Italy - 1:37.391
4) Sabine Berg - Germany - 1:39.002
5) Nicoletta Falcone - Italy - 1:39.321
6) Bianca Roosenboom - Netherlands - 1:54.805
7) Nele Armee - Belgium - 1:47.250
8) Juliette Pouydebat - France - 2:13.672
9) Justine Halbout - France - 1:47.421
10) Mareike Thum - Germany - 2:19.352
16) Clemence Halbout - France - 1:53.538

1000 m sprint senior men

1) Bart Swings - Belgium - 1:27.598
2) Elton de Souza - France - 1:28.139
3) Crispijn Ariens - Netherlands - 1:28.191
4) Julien Despaux - France - 1:28.863
5) Mark Horsten - Netherlands - 1:33.836
6) Fabio Francolini - Italy - 1:33.900
7) Lorenzo Cassioli - Italy - 1:33.217
8) Michel Mulder - Netherlands - 1:37.604
9) Nicolas Pelloquin - France - 1:33.247
10) Felix Rijhnen - Germany - 1:37.700

American relay Junior ladies

1) Italy
2) Germany
3) Belgium
4) Spain
5) Netherlands

American relay Junior men

1) Belgium
2) Netherlands
3) France
4) Spain
5) Portugal
6) Italy

Amercian relay Senior ladies

1) Germany
2) Netherlands
3) France
4) Italy

American relay Senior men

1) France
2) Netherlands
3) Spain
4) Belgium
5) Italy
6) Germany
7) Swiss
8) Portugal


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