Kids and competition, what is the best age to start? Bill Begg answers...

Questions to Bill Begg

According to you, From what age can a child start learning skating?

Basically they can start learning from any age. I Started first time on skates at 17 years, My wife Cheryl at 11 years & Nicole our daughter at 2 years old. but probably around 6 years old, but with a big Fun Content.

Do you recommend to focus on one practice or to try many kinds of roller skating practices ?

We have a big variance of practices, lots of skill focus work, different distances, different intervals, but always focusing on some aspect, you must skate with a purpose, we do a variety of around 40 to 50 different practices on Indoor 100 meters, 166.66 meter flat rink, 200 meter Bank track, 300 meters smooth flat cycleway & large race track 1,600 meter & 2,200 meter circuits.

What is the best age to start competing?

Probably 12 years of age, as the skater should know that they know they choose to do it, not be forced by others, usually by 12 they have there own opinions & have had skill development well under way by then.

What advice would you give to parents who want their child to skating?

First of all support them, don't just drop them off at training, sit back in the stands & obserb what they are doing.

At what age began the great champions?

Many like the Muse Boys Tony & Dante were virtually Born on skates, as the family owned skating rinks & they lived at the back of one rink, Nicole Begg was virtually the same & I believe Chad Hedrick was also, as his dad owned rinks. Now we have some Ice skaters converting to Inlines late, who may develop to be great champions one day. But many were from very young.

Something to add about kids and rollerskating ?

Roller skating is the best sport young children can do to develop motor skills, Hand Eye Co-Ordination & Balance, plus a mild form of strength training with the boot weight at the extremity of your leg. The strength fitness & skills developed skating, can set you on the way to be a champion in other sports, Particularly cycling.


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