The French delegation is on its way to the 2012 Inline Speed-Skating World Championships in Italy. Track of Ascoli Piceno and the road of San Benedetto del Tronto, will host the events from 6 to 15 September. Some French skaters are already there as Ewen Fernandez and Gwendal Lepivert. It seems it is very hot there!

Senior ladies

  • Nathalie Barbotin (La Beaumanoir de Dinan)
  • Justine Halbout (2APN Avon)
  • Clémence Halbout (2APN Avon)

Senior men

  • Nicolas Pelloquin (CPR Mouilleron)
  • Gwendal Lepivert (Valence RS)
  • Ewen Fernandez (Les Patineurs d'Herbauges)
  • Nolan Beddiaf (RIL Lamballe)
  • Brian Lépine (AL St Sébastien)
  • Alexis Contin (Levallois SC)

Junior Ladies

  • Déborah Marchand (ALC Bouguenais)
  • Marie Poidevin (Road - RAC ST Brieuc)

Junior Men

  • Benjamin Pierre-Jean (Les Patineurs d'Herbauges)
  • Darren De Souza (Roller Provence Méditerrannée)
  • Pierre-Yves Péridy (PO Longjumeau)
  • Tomy Lépine (AL St Sébastien)
  • Aurélien Roumagnac (Pibrac RS)