CJ Wellsmore has been working for about two years to design a new model of street skate, in collaboration with the French brand Seba. The release is scheduled for 2013. As usual, the brand Seba wishes to combine innovation and development.

Seba wanted to release a street skate for several years, but with many projects to manage, this project was a little delayed. Everything comes to him who waits!
One day, CJ Wellsmore presented a video featuring Seba GT90, with Shane Yost. Seba then proposed to CJ Wellsmore to try the "Skate-Cross" competition in China. The rider was immediately hooked on the concept.CJ Wellsmore and Seba have a mutual desire to invest in the development of a dedicated street skate. The French brand committed to its values, thus proposes a more versatile range of products.

For more information, you can read the exclusive interview published on the website of Be-Mag. There is also a photo of a prototype available on rollernews.

Photo: Anthony Finocchiaro