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22 10, 2017

Fila Inline and Quad Skates 2017 Collections

2017-10-22T18:10:57+02:0022 October 2017|, , , , , |0 Comments

We have just added 44 new pairs of inline and quad skates to our skate database, all coming from the Fila 2017 Collections. Most skates are models renewed from the previous years, but there's also the arrival of new material, like the NRK Carbon Verso or the Houdini (men's) and the Madame Houdini. The quad skating collection is also worth having a look at, with several fun models. Check out the Fila 2017 Collections HERE

13 10, 2017

Rollerblade 2017 Collections

2017-10-13T18:10:58+02:0013 October 2017|, , , , , , |0 Comments

We have just uploaded on our skate database all the Rollerblade 2017 Collections, featuring 47 products, most of them being renewed models from last year. However, let's note a few novelties, especially the Metroblade 3WD and the RB 110 3WD. The Rollerblade aggressive skating range is the exact same as last year's, just like the kids range.

3 10, 2017

The 2017 Powerslide Collection is Online

2017-10-03T20:10:42+02:003 October 2017|, , , , , , |0 Comments

We've just added 70 skates from the 2017 Powerslide Collection in our skate data base. The German brand offers one of the most complete collections of the last years, with products covering all the dsiciplines in which Powerslide is involved, including inline hockey with Reign, and aggressive skating with USD. 

17 03, 2017

The Paris City Skates in Trouble

2017-03-17T19:03:55+01:0017 March 2017|, |0 Comments

The "Rollers & Coquillages" and "Pari Roller" associations jointly issue a press release on the non-unfolding of their city skates in Paris. It is a hard blow for the practice of skating in the French capital. Those weekly key-meetings, known throughout the world, have existed for 20 years (since 1996 for Rollers & Coquillages, and 1993 for Pari Roller). Press release Dear skater friends, After several years, the organization of our city skates has been seriously destabilized because of the evolution of the position of Paris' Police Prefecture as for the means (until now complimentarily) made available for us. This is the consequence of the significant extra work the Prefecture has had to deal with for over two years, which we perfectly understand. Even if the representatives of the Police [...]

1 02, 2017

Roll’Athlon 2017 : registration is open

2017-02-01T00:00:01+01:001 February 2017|, , , , |0 Comments

Come on and register to the 2017th edition of the Roll’Athlon. It is the longest European in-line skating race : 103 km, 3 departments and 24 towns. You can also register for the recreative and leisure event: a 53 or 103km untimed event. This year, rollerski is back for a 67 km race. More information on :

17 03, 2016

2016 Powerslide Collections

2016-03-17T07:03:30+01:0017 March 2016|, , , , , , |0 Comments

All the Powerslide models for the year 2016 are now online. In the German's brand collections, most skating practices are represented. We note that throughout the years, the weight of speed skating has decreased in favor of fitness and freeskate. 2016 will be the year of the 3-wheel set-up for all disciplines Browse the 85 Powerslide models HERE

14 02, 2016

2016 Doop Collection

2016-02-14T19:02:42+01:0014 February 2016|, |0 Comments

We have just uploaded the 2016 Doop collection: 8 models including a few novelties. Inspired by the famous Xsjado street skate, the Dopps have become skates with which you can use your own shoes (skateboard or sports sneaker-type). These skates are a good alternative to public transportation, and ideal to mix your means of transport if needed. The 2016 range includes models with luminous wheels (Doop Fothon) and with big wheels (Swift III and Swift IV). Check ou the 2016 Doop Collection

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