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Roller slalom proposes various practices: roller freestyle slalom and roller speed slalom and event battle or jam slalom

13 01, 2020

The Powerslide Free Skate Team 2020

2020-11-03T02:17:27+01:0013 January 2020|, , |0 Comments

The German brand Powerslide sponsors a significant number of skaters worldwide. Its international freestyle skating team welcomes big names in a variety of freestyle disciplines. Jürgen Pfitzner, the manager of the team, tells us about his team.

22 10, 2017

Fila Inline and Quad Skates 2017 Collections

2017-10-22T18:10:57+02:0022 October 2017|, , , , , |0 Comments

We have just added 44 new pairs of inline and quad skates to our skate database, all coming from the Fila 2017 Collections. Most skates are models renewed from the previous years, but there's also the arrival of new material, like the NRK Carbon Verso or the Houdini (men's) and the Madame Houdini. The quad skating collection is also worth having a look at, with several fun models. Check out the Fila 2017 Collections HERE

13 10, 2017

Rollerblade 2017 Collections

2017-10-13T18:10:58+02:0013 October 2017|, , , , , , |0 Comments

We have just uploaded on our skate database all the Rollerblade 2017 Collections, featuring 47 products, most of them being renewed models from last year. However, let's note a few novelties, especially the Metroblade 3WD and the RB 110 3WD. The Rollerblade aggressive skating range is the exact same as last year's, just like the kids range.

3 10, 2017

The 2017 Powerslide Collection is Online

2017-10-03T20:10:42+02:003 October 2017|, , , , , , |0 Comments

We've just added 70 skates from the 2017 Powerslide Collection in our skate data base. The German brand offers one of the most complete collections of the last years, with products covering all the dsiciplines in which Powerslide is involved, including inline hockey with Reign, and aggressive skating with USD. 

6 09, 2017

2017 World Roller Games: the freestyle competition is about to start

2017-09-06T19:09:20+02:006 September 2017|, |0 Comments

The slalom freestyle competition are about to start in Nanjing, at the 2017 World Roller Games. Today was the second day of the training. Each nation has a certain time for the training to make sure the place is not too crowded. Freestyle takes place next to a huge indoor Arena where all the hockey games take place. It's an outside event, but protected by a huge roof.  The wooden floor is super slippery and the skater have lots of problems. It seems the organization will move all competitions to the place next to the floor for more safety of the skaters. Photos : courtesy of Jürgen Pfitzner

21 08, 2017

2017 Roller Games: The Full Spanish National Selection

2017-08-21T21:08:21+02:0021 August 2017|, , , , , , , , , , , |0 Comments

Here are all the Spanish skaters that will take part in the 2017 World Roller Games in Nanjing, China, from August 25th to September 10, 2017. Freestyle Skating Carlos Bernal Santiago Antonio Castro Zamora Eve Jovino Jovino María Muñoz Díez Michael Silva Prado Inline Alpine David Aláiz Clérigo Marta Egeria García Amigo María Martínez Moraiz Ainhoa Mellado Arguedas Sergio Menéndez Rodríguez Sergio Méndez Perez Marc Morera Dominguez Nuria Requejo García Raúl Capdevila Vizcaino Artistic Skating Seniors Llorenç Alvarez Caballero - Senior (Fed. catalana) Sergio Canales Rodríguez - Senior (Fed. madrileña) Carla Escrich Sole - Senior (Fed. catalana) María Laia Fuentes Estany - Senior (Fed. catalana) Carmen García Comas - Senior (Fed. catalana) Mónica Gimeno Coma - Senior (Fed. catalana) Noemí Isla Granados - Senior (Fed. catalana) Pere Marsinyach Torrico - Senior (Fed. [...]

21 08, 2017

The Spanish Federation of Skating Bets on the 2017 and 2019 Roller Games

2017-08-21T21:08:13+02:0021 August 2017|, , , , , , , , , , , |0 Comments

With almost 200 people (athletes and staff) making the trip to the 2017 World Roller Games, the Spanish Federation is represented in all the 10 disciplines of this first edition. The delegation flew over to Nanjing, China, on August 23, 2017. Words from the President "The RFEP is aware of the importance of this event in the history of skating, in the world and in Spain. There will be a before and an after our participation in this event, the second edition of which will be held in Barcelona in 2019. The Roller Games are a qualitative leap for our sport, which develops and gets stronger year after year. That's why such an incredible human and economic effort has been made for all of us to be present in Nanjing. [...]

12 08, 2017

Ewelina Czapla Freestyle-Slaloming With 3x90mm Skate Frames, Poland

2017-08-12T23:08:07+02:0012 August 2017|, |0 Comments

While 3x100 and 3x110 set-ups have been used for several years now in speed slalom, 3-wheel frames are a much recent phenomenon in freestyle slalom. Ewelina Czapla, aka "Efka elegantly", tests the brand-new Katana Trinity 3x90mm frames, mounted on her Tau boots. Skater: Ewelina CzaplaDirector: Daniel K?dzioraLocation: Warsaw, PolandSkates: Powerslide Tau boots, Katana 215 Trinity frames, Undercover Zebra 84mm wheels, Wicked ILQ 9 Classic bearings  

1 08, 2017

2017 World Roller Games: Slovakia Will Take Part in 3 Disciplines

2017-08-01T08:08:17+02:001 August 2017|, |0 Comments

Slovakia is sending skaters in 3 different disciplines for the 2017 World Roller Games in Nanjing, China. à Nankin (Chine). The nation will be especially present in the inline alpine event, with no less than 7 registered competitors. Speed Skating Kristian Terebesi Jakub Klembara Matej Filip Lukas Benedik Freestyle Slalom Lucia Lacko-Bartosova Pavel Breznik Inline Alpine Andrej Tichy Marek Noga Ema Nogova Lenka Kesela Barbora Liptakova Simon Liptak Dusan Ambros 

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