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Roller street can be practiced in roller ramps, half-pipes, skate park or in the streets

23 02, 2018

Reign liners: resurrected

2018-02-23T10:02:48+01:0023 February 2018|, |0 Comments

After hibernating for 10 years in the archives of blading history, Reign has risen with a new product line and focus on an impressive international team. Reign Slim Liner Reign’s 2018 product launch features a new liner designed to provide a perfect fit and comfortable ride. It features a slim shape which can help downsize to a smaller boot shell if a rider is in between sizes. New triple lacing in the cuff area, increases support and locks the foot back to help prevent the dreaded toe-bang. An articulated heel and ankle shape provide ample foothold. Each liner comes with a high rebound PU insole with arch support to provide shock absorption and stabilization. Our Reign has been restored. 

13 10, 2017

Rollerblade 2017 Collections

2017-10-13T18:10:58+02:0013 October 2017|, , , , , , |0 Comments

We have just uploaded on our skate database all the Rollerblade 2017 Collections, featuring 47 products, most of them being renewed models from last year. However, let's note a few novelties, especially the Metroblade 3WD and the RB 110 3WD. The Rollerblade aggressive skating range is the exact same as last year's, just like the kids range.

21 08, 2017

2017 Roller Games: The Full Spanish National Selection

2017-08-21T21:08:21+02:0021 August 2017|, , , , , , , , , , , |0 Comments

Here are all the Spanish skaters that will take part in the 2017 World Roller Games in Nanjing, China, from August 25th to September 10, 2017. Freestyle Skating Carlos Bernal Santiago Antonio Castro Zamora Eve Jovino Jovino María Muñoz Díez Michael Silva Prado Inline Alpine David Aláiz Clérigo Marta Egeria García Amigo María Martínez Moraiz Ainhoa Mellado Arguedas Sergio Menéndez Rodríguez Sergio Méndez Perez Marc Morera Dominguez Nuria Requejo García Raúl Capdevila Vizcaino Artistic Skating Seniors Llorenç Alvarez Caballero - Senior (Fed. catalana) Sergio Canales Rodríguez - Senior (Fed. madrileña) Carla Escrich Sole - Senior (Fed. catalana) María Laia Fuentes Estany - Senior (Fed. catalana) Carmen García Comas - Senior (Fed. catalana) Mónica Gimeno Coma - Senior (Fed. catalana) Noemí Isla Granados - Senior (Fed. catalana) Pere Marsinyach Torrico - Senior (Fed. [...]

21 08, 2017

The Spanish Federation of Skating Bets on the 2017 and 2019 Roller Games

2017-08-21T21:08:13+02:0021 August 2017|, , , , , , , , , , , |0 Comments

With almost 200 people (athletes and staff) making the trip to the 2017 World Roller Games, the Spanish Federation is represented in all the 10 disciplines of this first edition. The delegation flew over to Nanjing, China, on August 23, 2017. Words from the President "The RFEP is aware of the importance of this event in the history of skating, in the world and in Spain. There will be a before and an after our participation in this event, the second edition of which will be held in Barcelona in 2019. The Roller Games are a qualitative leap for our sport, which develops and gets stronger year after year. That's why such an incredible human and economic effort has been made for all of us to be present in Nanjing. [...]

10 08, 2017

The Aggressive Skate Brand USD Celebrates Its 20th Anniversary

2017-08-10T19:08:58+02:0010 August 2017|, |0 Comments

USD is still on top of the aggressive skating market after 20 years of existence. The American firm UPSIDEDOWN saw the light on July 29, 1997, before being renamed USD in 1998. Shane Coburn and Arlo Eisenberg were the first emblematic skaters of the brand. Then, the team grew with additions such as Jon Julio, Josh Petty, Brian Shima, Champion Baumstimler and Dustin Latimer. USD is distributed by Powerslide / The Conference in Europe. Their very first model was the Damoclès, a street skate already boasting many detachable parts. Key Innovations by USD The key concept by USD: being able to use parts coming from other brands for ultimate customization. The USD Throne Custom was following this idea, just like the Psirus and other models. USD also opted for royal plates and [...]

21 06, 2017

The National Series of Aggressive Skating Are Taking Shape for the 2017 Season in Spain

2017-06-21T15:06:41+02:0021 June 2017|, |0 Comments

The national series of aggressive skating are taking shape for the 2017 Season in Spain. The first leg took place last weekend, in Barcelona, during the Imagine Extreme Barcelona. The official categories of the news series: U10 U13 U17 U20 FEM U30 +30 The pros and amateurs series have disappeared. They are respectively replaced by the U30 mixed category and the mixed U17-U20. (The Women's category will be available according to the number of participants and is open to women 14+.) The U30 category is divided into two groups, A and B. Group A is made of the Top-20 skaters at the national ranking, and Group B of the other skaters. Pros are part of this category. You may go up or down group A or B at the end [...]

9 06, 2017

A New Avatar for Précilia Verdier in the Video Game “On a Roll”

2017-06-09T16:06:28+02:009 June 2017|, |0 Comments

After Manon Derrien, it's Précilia Verdier's turn to have her own avatar in the street skating video game "On a Roll". The skater from Montpellier, France, made the trip to Belgium for a 3D scanning session. Even the design of her Roll School T-shirt was reproduced! Further reading: Manon Derrien Will Have Her Own Character in "On a Roll" Précilia Verdier's Reaction "Entering the game "On a Roll" is the opportunity to show kids that if you put a lot into the world of skating, everything is possible! I'm obviously not a "pro", I don't have the level and I don't pretend to. But what does it mean today, to be a pro? I think it's just as well to put the light on people who act backstage, developing the community. [...]

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