Bont/MPC informed us that retreads are out of the question at the moment. but the Australian brand want to collect the hubs and recycle them.

The feedbacks of Alexander Bont

" Actually, there are a lot of process going on around the mechanical lock area of the hub. For starters, the mechanical lock itself requires a whole different process from making the hub. The mechanical lock area needs to be covered from the anodizing process as urethane does not stick well to anodized metal. We then have another process to sand blast the area of the hub that the urethane will stick to and finally we paint a bonding agent onto the hub before the urethane is molded on. This is all very labor intensive but the last thing you want when you skate around a corner at 60/km/h is for the urethane to delaminate from the hub. So far we have not had a single delamination so we are very pleased about that. If we get the hub back from the customer, we are not able to make it perfect enough to pour onto again without the risk of delamination. "

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