The team of the tournament is made up of the best blockers, the best jammers and the tournament MVP, as voted for by the announcers and analysts.


Best Blocker: Re-Animated Gif, England

2) Streak, Team USA
3) Tank, Team Canada
4) AJ Stephens, Wizards of Aus
5) Porky, Power of Scotland
6) Lt Damn, All Ireland Men’s Roller Derby
7) Umesan, Ninjapan Rollers


Best Jammer: El Pibe, Argentina Roller Derby

2) Reaper, Team England
3) Killian David, Team France
4) Sausarge Rolls, Wizards of Aus
5) U2, Ninjapan Rollers
6) BrADASS, Team Canada


Jonathan R, Team USA

Special Recognition

  • Bravehurt and Big Jim, Team France – For consoling their Team Argentina rival when they fouled out at the end of their quarter final.
  • GI Jones, photographer – For aiding an injured Japan skater off the track during their game with Belgium.
  • Three Day Bender, referee – Refereed his final game, the one point bout between Wales and Australia.