The whole team of the Tribu Rollers invites you to save your weekend of July 1st and 2nd for a new challenge: becoming a finisher of the 2017 24H Le Mans Roller.


Participate in the skating event of the year, don't wait until the last minute! Register your team and benefit from preferentials rates. Give information on your team mates in June 2017.

2017 Novelty: Individual Registration

You can now register your team with individual member payments.
You can offer to skaters to join your team in paying their share, simply in giving them the access code to your team's account on the registration platform. SPORTINTOWN.COM
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Welcome to Longboards!

Solo, duo, team categories... a new challenge for skateboard lovers: becoming finishers of the 24H Le Mans Roller.

Welcome onboard: New Asphalt on the Circuit

Recently, the asphalt of the Bugatti Circuit of Le Mans was literally given a new skin.
Even if several areas had been renovated over the last years, the whole upper layer had to be fixed to get a homogeneous surface, and suppress the transversal joints, necessary to mechanical stops.

A new surface for the greatest skating circuit!