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Group A: Brazil 10 - 1 Egypt

Italie ColombieTeam Brazil got their first victory of the event against Egypt. And yet, the first goal of the game was scored by Egyptian Salma Mohamed, which also was the first goal of the team in those Worlds... and the first African goal!
It didn't take a long time to Brazil to retaliate, with a series of goals, by Letícia Pestana (4), Adriana Costa (3), Andrea Regueira (2), and Mariane Oliveira (1).
Brazil's next game will be a real challenge, against Argentina, the current world champion. The opponent of India for their next game is still unknown.

Group A: Italy 1 - 1 Colombia

The Italy-Colombia game was very tight. The two teams took leave of each other on a tie score, and for the first time, penalty shootouts were needed, won by Italy 2 to 1.
In first period, Giulia Galeassi scored, but the South Americans equalized in second period with a goal by Juanita Alzate. The game finished with penalty shootouts: Elena Tamiozzo and Sara Bedoya scored two goals for Italy, while Alice Sartori only scored one for Colombia.

Group A: Argentina 14 - 0 Brazil

Without surprise, The 2014 World Champions naturally imposed themselves with a two-figure score in this South American derby, getting their ticket for the quarter finals.
A few minutes before the end of the game, a ball hit Brazilian Andrea Regueira right in the forehead and she lost consciousness. She was taken care of by the medics, and she's doing well. Argentina not only reaches the quarter finals but should get first place of group A if they beat Italy; As for Brazil, they will meet Italy.

Argentine Brésil

Goal list: Lorena Rodriguez (3), Adriana Gutierrez (2), Luciana Agudo (2), Salome Rodriguez (2), Daiana Silva (2), Juliette Fernandez (2) and Valentina Fernandez (1).

Group B: Portugal 14 - 0 South Africa

After their loss against Spain, Portugal met South Africa, currently last of Group B. The game was only a formality for the Lusitanians: Marlene Sousa scored four times, Rute Lopes, Inês Vicente and Marta Vieira scored three times each, and Sofia Silva scored once.
Note the temporary expulsion of South African captain Monique Jardim after two blue cards. Portugal will now face France for the second place of the group, and South Africa will meet the formidable Spanish team.

Group B: France 2 - 7 Spain

Spain put pressure on France right away and scored three goals in the first period. the French suffered from that pressure and didn't manage to make the most of the counter-attacks they created. In second period after letting six goals in, France scored their first goal on a penalty thanks to Camille Renier. A few minutes before the end of regulation time, Frédérique Denest offered a second point to France. Next game will be against Portugal.
The Spanish goals went to María Díez (3), Natasha Lee, Sara González, Berta Busquets, and Laura Puigdueta.

Group C: Germany 10 - 1 USA

Chili Inde

Germany got their second victory in those Worlds against young Team USA, who still need more team work. It would seem that the players didn't have the opportunity to train much together during the season, and that the head coach goes from State to State to select the national players. Laura La Rocca scored four times for Germany, Maren Firll Wichardt and Simone twice, Franziska Neubert and her sister Katharina once. The only American goal went to Kimberly Hughes on a direct penalty.

Next game for Germany: Chile! A return match after the 3-place game in Tourcoing, 2014. The USA will meet India for their next game.

Group C: Chile 18 - 1 India

Chile played just after France and the room was packed with a crowd that had come in numbers to see their national team play. Brass bands requisitioned the stands before the game. Without surprise, the local team beat India hollow, the weakest team of the tournament. 18-0 is the heaviest scored since the beginning of the event.

Francisca Donoso scored six goals, Catalina Flores five, Beatriz Gaete, Francisca Puertas and Gigliola Berloffa two each, and one more by Carolina Zúñiga.

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