The world rink hockey championship 2015 is approaching fast. Here is the composition of the British team that will compete at VENDESPACE from 20 to 27 June 2015. The English team managed to qualify for the World A through B World Cup, held in Uruguay. Nearly half of the players comes from the Middlesbrough RHC team.

Goal keepers

  • Ed Mount (Herne Bay United)
  • Eddie Revill (Middlesbrough RHC)

Field players

  • Alex Jones (Soham)
  • Alex Mount (AD Sanjoanense P)
  • Lewis Greenwood (Herne Bay United)
  • Marc Waddingham (Grimsby)
  • Nick Johnson (Middlesbrough RHC)
  • Owen Stewart (Middlesbrough RHC)
  • Scott Neville (Soham)
  • Will Smith (Middlesbrough RHC)