Downpour on Gross-Gerau (Germany)

Critérium de Gross-Gerau 2013

The first two days were the most chaotic with difficult weather conditions. The 300 meters Sprint Cup had to be canceled.

The forces involved in the 2013 International Criterium of Gross-Gerau

Critérium de Gross-Gerau 2013The competition had serious assets to bring with quantities of medalists and World Champions on the start line.

In the Senior Women category: one found Manon Kamminga (NED), Francesca Lollobrigida (ITA), Katharina Rumpus (GER), Sabine Berg (GER), Justine and Clémence Halbout (FRA) or Solymar Vivas (VEN)...

For men: Bart Swings (BEL),Alexis Contin (FRA), Yann Guyader (FRA), Ewen Fernandez(FRA), Felix Rijhnen (GER), Gwendal Lepivert (FRA) Fabio Francolini and more ...

Summary of the Senior Women's competition

The Dutch Manon Kamminga (Powerslide Matter Racing, NED) won the competition. She finished first in the 500 m and 5000 m point races before taking the fourth place in the elimination race.

In the women's ranking, she finished ahead of her teammate Katharina Rumpus (GER), which improved her performance over the races (6th, 3rd and 2nd). Katharina Rumpus shows a great versatility in both sprint and long distance races.

The third place went to the Italian World Champion Francesca Lollobrigida (X-Tech). After a 10th place in the 500m sprint, she took the second place in the point race and won the elimination race. 

Download the complete results of senior women in pdf

Bart Swings is still the man to beat

Even if Bart Swings (Matter Powerslide Racing BEL) did not achieve a great performance in 500 m sprint, he won easily the 5 km point race and the 10,000m elimination race. The Belgian skater leaded at a high pace early in the 5km point race. He escaped and grabed handfuls of points. Ariens Crispijn (A-ware-Powerslide, NED) chased and came back in his wheel. He also took a few relays.

Behind him, his teammate Felix Rijhnen (Powerslide Matter Racing, GER) took second place overall. Underachievement in the 500m where he took the 21st place. He seemed in better shape in the point race by getting second place. He also finished third in the elimination race.

On the third step of the podium, there is Alexis Contin (Bont Geisingen Arena Team, FRA) The French skater prefers long distance races rather than sprint. He took the bronze just ahead of Joris Garderes (RPM Poli, FRA) who finished with the same amount of points. 

Download the complete results of senior men in pdf

Juniors A Women

Critérium de Gross-Gerau 2013Jenny Peisker (Powerslide Arena Geisingen, GER) wins ahead of her teammate Deborah Marchand (FRA). Giulia Lollobrigida (X-Tech ITA) finished in the same position as her sister, third!

Download the complete results of Junior A Women here

Juniors A Men

The Venezuelan Sebastian Paredes was chosen a few weeks ago by Yann Guyader to represent his country in Europe. He did not made ??the trip for nothing as he won the competition ahead of the local Philipp Forstner (Blau-Gelb Groß-Gerau/Powerslide, GER). Despite worries of compartment syndrome, Raphael Planelles (Straight, FRA) took the 3rd place.

Download the complete results of Junnior A Men here

Cadet girls: Grand Slam for Ronja Binus

In the Cadet girls category, the German Ronja Binus (SSF Heilbronn) makes a clean sweep by winning all her races! Dominika Gardi (Tornado Team HUN) is second and Melanie Lizé (AL San Sebastian, FRA) is third.

Download the complete results of cadet girls here

Cadet boys

The Cadet men category crowned the French Valentin Thiebault (Team Bont XDual, FRA) ahead of two German skaters Ricardo Kugler and Moritz Felbinger (TSuGV Großbettlingen). Then comes a beautiful tricolor series with Flavien Foucher (ASTA Nantes) Clement Guilbaud (Olympic Club Herblinois) Bastien Lhomme (GSMC Le Mans Roller) and Martin Ferrie (Grenade Roller Skating).

Download the complete results of cadet boys here


Come on, let's dare a short analysis! It seems that the skaters who have practiced on ice during the winter are sharpened. Manon Kamminga, winner in the senior women's category participated in the Long Track Ice-Skating World Cup this winter, as Bart Swings for men.We may also mention Alexis Contin (3rd, FRA) in Olympic preparation, Francesca Lollobrigida (3rd, ITA) and Katharina Rumpus (2nd, GER) who also practiced on ice. It will be interesting to analyze their performance in the upcoming World Championships in Oostende!

Critérium de Gross-Gerau 2013


Complete results of the 2013 International Criterium of Gross Gerau

By Alfathor
Photos: Nathalie Planelles