Track and field vs Roller Speed Skating: similar performances or not?

Men's performances

100 m hommesThe best time was done by Juan Perez (Colombia). He completed the race in 9.868 sec. If you were a track and field lover in the 80's and 90's, you must have watched closely the feats of American Carl Lewis. 9.86 is the time of the world record he broke in 1991. In that race and for the first time in history, 6 men ran under 10 sec! For the record, in track and field, the first man to run under 10 sec was Jim Hines in 1968 (9.95).

For that first 100 m race on skates, 5 men skated under 10 sec, and they all speak Spanish. 1st place goes to Colombia, 2nd to Venezuela with Jhoan Guzman, 3rd for Spain with Ioseba Fernandez, 4th for Colombia with Andres Jimenez and 5th for Mexico with Jorge Martinez Morales. The first European skater is the German rocket, Simon Albrecht, 35 thousands over 10 sec.

Women's performances

In the women's, the 100 m track and field world record goes to American Florence Griffith-Joyner (10.49 in 1988)... But doping doubts are cast upon this performance. It is interesting to compare it with more recent times. In 2008, Shelly-Ann Fraser becomes the Olympic champion in Beijing with a time of 10.78. In 2009, American Carmelita Jeter runs in 10.64.

With a time of 10.798 for Chilean Mario José Moya, the female skaters' 100 m record time is closer than that of the men's. Note: 6 women skated under 11 sec. The women will probably beat their track and field counterparts in a few years!

Full results

Junior Women

1. Geiny Pajaro (COL)
2. Paola Cucciara (VEN)
3. Stien Vanhoutte (BEL)

Junior Men

1. Riccardo Passarotto (ITA)
2. Lida Lukas (SUI)
3. Carrasquilla Alvaro (COL)

Senior Women

1. Moya Maria José (CIL) - 10,798
2. Jackson Erin (USA) - 10,867
3. Bongiorno Giulia (ITA) - 10,919
4. Rodriguez Lopez Victoria (ARG) - 10,954
5. Chen Ying-Chu (TPE) 10,972

Senior Men

1. Perez Juan (COL) - 9,868
2. Guzman Jhoan (VEN) - 9,914
3. Fernandez Ioseba (ESP) - 9,920
4. Andres Jimenez (COL) - 9,900
5. Jorge Martinez Morales (MEX) - 9,928

100 m dames

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Photos by Kevin Lesueur