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[Video] Slalom from AlexShu in Battle

Publié : 12 sept. 2008 21:08
par AlexShu
My videos from last competition ( Battle ). I think it will be interesting =)

First 30second in SemiFinal - 1мб

Finale- 3rd 30 second

Finale-Best Trick
That not all. My internet is slow that why next videos will be next time.
I hope you will comment this. I willi want to know what you think about my ride. :roll:

Publié : 12 sept. 2008 22:47
par seba
Good !

Is it from Minsk competition ?

Publié : 13 sept. 2008 6:50
par AlexShu
Thanks! No it was in Harkov that in Ukraine.

Publié : 13 sept. 2008 9:14
par tristank
thanks and welcome.

it's interesting to see the rise of east's european scene.

Publié : 13 sept. 2008 15:32
par Gadget
thanks a lot
That's great to have some news like this. We will open here a english version of ou website.
Welcome here :wink:

Publié : 14 sept. 2008 8:28
par Hub
Welcome again, AlexShu!

If I may, I would like to suggest that this subject -about SLALOM videos- would be better placed in the "acrobatique, SLALOM, saut, shuffles" section. If a moderator passes by...

Si je peux me permettre, ce sujet sur des vidéos de SLALOM serait parfaitement (et mieux) à sa place dans la section "acro, SLALOM..." qu'ici. Y'a un modo dans l'assistance?

Publié : 14 sept. 2008 11:16
par AlexShu
Ok I put it to Slalom topic.

And new video is :
1\4 Finale Second ride.
Second run in finale
Second run in SemiFinale

And maybe it will be interesting too
It video from Minsk competition on IFSA version. It was June and I stand on my roller skaters only 1month after when I broke my leg...And that why many elements was on right leg.
And that not all =) See you

Publié : 14 sept. 2008 17:28
par Gadget
just as news, you also can spoke about roller at
It's Skali's website, a world slalom performer.
very interresting for you indeed. :wink: