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Olympisme : la fin du rêve pour le roller

Les divers médias du web relaient l'information actuellement, le golf et le rugby à 7 ont été choisis pour figurer au vote du CIO en octobre 2009 à Copenhague. Le roller perd donc toutes ses chances de rentrer aux Jeux Olympiques en 2016. Le golf aurait bénéficié de l'image de figures de proue telles Tiger Wood. Le rugby serait le sport favori de Jacques Rogge, président du CIO.
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Communiqué de presse du CIO
The IOC Executive Board proposes 2 additional sports for the 2016 Games: Golf and Rugby.
The International Olympic Committee (IOC) Executive Board (EB) proposed today the list of 26 core sports and 2 additional sports, golf and rugby, to be included in the 2016 Olympic Programme. The proposal will be submitted to the full IOC for a final decision at its Session in Copenhagen in October, where golf and rugby will have the opportunity to present. Seven sports — baseball, golf, karate, roller sports, rugby, softball and squash — were seeking to enter the Olympic programme. The secret ballot vote by the EB followed an extensive evaluation by the Olympic Programme Commission of the potential added value to the Games from each of the seven sports.

"All seven sports made a strong case for inclusion, and the EB carefully evaluated them in a transparent and fair process. In the end, the decision came down to which two would add the most value," said IOC President Jacques Rogge, who elected not to take part in the vote. "Golf and rugby will be a great addition to the Games."

The key factors in determining a sport’s suitability for the Olympic programme include youth appeal, universality, popularity, good governance, respect for athletes and respect for the Olympic values.
"Golf and rugby scored high on all the criteria," Rogge said. "They have global appeal, a geographically diverse line-up of top iconic athletes and an ethic that stresses fair play."

During the 119th Session in Guatemala in 2007, the IOC approved a simplified voting process for new sport to enter the programme. The IOC members also requested guidance from the EB in the selection of the new sports, and entrusted it to make a proposal based on the work of the Olympic Programme Commission.
All seven sports had a chance to make their case to the Olympic Programme Commission in November 2008 and to the IOC EB in June 2009. Federations were also able to review their section of the report submitted to the EB.

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