Le 17 January 2009 à 08:52 | mise à jour le 17 January 2009 à 08:05

simply, Rian

Pour une fois, pas de hip-hop, juste une bande son popo-rock tranquille pour accompagner un rider encore méconnu mais stylé : Rian Arnold. Le gus rentre des tricks impeccables, bien posés, très bas. C'est souple, c'est fluide. Durée : 2'03.

simply, Rian from eddylookback on Vimeo.


"A big part of video editing is about feeling: sometimes you can work a week for a bad result, and sometimes it just takes 5 minutes and it's the best edit you've ever made!
For me it's the case with this one. It's the easiest montage I've ever done, but the best...
I am happy that I have been able to work with this guy.
For rollerblading, he is a U.F.O: strange haircut, strange clothes, strange style!! But when you see this motherfucker skating, you understand what rollerblading is.
You might not like the edit, you might not like the skater, but ,I swear, I don't care, ‘cause for me, he is the perfect illustration of what rollerblading has to be:


I'm proud to introduce my friend, the new yah pro rider,


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